Here’s the perfect minimalist EDC pen for people who love to sew!

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NEWS – Even though it looks like a large darning needle, you don’t have to be a seamstress, a tailor, or even love to sew in order to appreciate the MICROCARRY Needle Pen. This minimalist EDC pen is barely larger than the D1 ink refill that it uses. The Needle Pen is CNC machined from solid brass and has a custom mechanism that allows you to easily deploy and retract the writing tip for quick on-the-go note-taking. Available with a polished or matte finish, the Needle Pen can also be purchased with or without a leather sleeve. Want one? The price starts at $39.00 directly from If spending that much for a tiny pen doesn’t fit within your budget, consider a Pokka Pen. You can buy a pack of 8 Pokka Pens for less than $25 from Amazon. Check out my Pokka Pen review too!

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