You can store this mini pen on your watch band

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edcest pen 2

NEWS – As I mentioned in my Day One journal review, I like analog tools like pens just as much as I like digital pens. I’m always on the lookout for interesting pens to add to my EDC, and I just found one that is probably the smallest functional pen that I’ve ever seen. And it can be stored on your watch band. It’s the EDCEST pen and it’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The holder for the pen refill is 3D printed (I wish it was available on Thingiverse) and you can get one for $17 with shipping due in May. Hurry, though, because the Kickstarter ends at 4:58 PM EDT on 3/22/2024. What is your favorite mini pen? Mine is this one.

edcest pen 1

edcest pen 3

edcest pen 4

5 thoughts on “You can store this mini pen on your watch band”

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  2. Does the pen holder leave a mark on your wrist? It looks uncomfortable to have on a watch band – especially if it’s made from solid material.

      1. LoL – how does that qualify as an answer? Ok, let’s continue the game: how comfortable are the compasses that attach to the watchband?

  3. If you read the comments by backers, you see that shipping to the US brings the cost over $30, they do not have the volume for a US-based fulfillment agent and will be mailing from Korea. There are some remarks about making your own refills by cutting down available pen refills (uh oh for ink blotches on your wrist). Otherwise, can’t see any serious novel writing with this, maybe if you’re working on the Great American Post Card.

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