Blank Forces EDC gear review – titanium INJECTOR Pen & Dock and Hyperlink carabiner

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REVIEW – I’m always looking for great pens that I can use as part of my EDC, even if I’m mostly stuck at a desk all day. That’s where the Blank Forces INJECTOR pen is a fun option because it can go from pocket to desk in an elegant way. Let’s take a look at the INJECTOR pen along with the Blank Forces Hyperlink carabiner and their titanium keyrings!

What is it?

The Blank Forces titanium INJECTOR Pen & Dock, Hyperlink carabiner, and titanium keyrings EDC tools from Blank Forces.

What’s in the box?

blankforces injector 2

  • Blank Forces titanium INJECTOR Pen & Dock
  • Hyperlink carabiner (separate purchase)
  • Titanium key rings (separate purchase)

Blank Forces titanium INJECTOR pen and dock design and features

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The Blank Forces titanium INJECTOR pen is a CNC pen that is available in several versions/colors including the Silencer version shown here. The fit and finish of this pen is excellent as it’s been CNC machined, hand finished, and hand assembled with all titanium (except the spring) parts and no plastic.


Length with tip extended: 5.3″ (135 mm)
Diameter: 0.35″ (9.0 mm)
Weight: 0.60 oz. (17.0 grams)

blankforces injector 4

The Blank Forces INJECTOR pen features an interesting drilled hole pattern in the lower barrel that not only looks cool, but it makes the pen lighter in weight and provides a bit of extra grip while writing.

blankforces injector 5

Then there’s the bolt action mechanism that is so satisfying to use that you’ll find yourself reaching for this pen just to flip the bolt back and forth like a fidget toy. I’ve used lots of bolt action pens, but this pen from Blank Forces feels smoother and has the right amount of tension that makes it easy to engage/disengage without too much effort.

blankforces injector 11

The Blank Forces titanium INJECTOR pen uses a 0.5mm needle-tipped OHTO (PG-105NP) black gel ink refill that you can find on Amazon for less than $8 for a package of 5 refills. I like this refill because it has a smooth fine line and it’s gel ink which I prefer.

blankforces injector 12

Writing with this pen is enjoyable. It’s lightweight but balanced. When I lay the pen down, the bolt on the side keeps it from rolling away since it doesn’t have a pocket clip.

I also like the dock that you can use with the pen’s tip extended or retracted into the pen. It’s a nice little desk accessory that shows off the INJECTOR pen without taking up much desk space.

Blank Forces Hyperlink carabiner and titanium keyrings

blankforces injector 7

In addition to the INJECTOR Silencer pen, Blank Forces also sent me their Hyperlink carabiner to test out. Just like the pen, the Hyperlink features titanium construction and a unique design that is nice to look at and and fun to fidget with. The fit and finish are first rate.

blankforces injector 6

The Hyperlink can be clipped to a belt loop or strap on a bag, or you can use the built-in pocket clip for deep pocket carry.

I really like the pocket clip. My better half is always misplacing her keys because they fall to the bottom of her carnivorous purse. I’m thinking about giving her this carabiner so that she can clip it to one of the pockets in her purse so she’ll always be able to find her keys.

blankforces injector 8

The springloaded gate on the Hyperlink is easy to open and it snaps back securely.

blankforces injector 9

You can also buy a set of titanium split key rings if you want the finish on the rings to match the carabiner. Other than the fact that they are made of titanium, these are just standard traditional split rings that work as you would expect them to work.

What I like

  • No overt branding on the pen
  • Pen takes inexpensive Parker-style refills
  • Pen, Hyperlink, and keyrings all well-made
  • Hyperlink carabiner has a pocket clip for an additional carry method

What I’d change

  • Pricey due to being limited editions

Final thoughts

blankforces injector 1

This is my first time testing EDC gear from Blank Forces, and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by their offerings. The INJECTOR pen is my favorite of the trio of gear that they sent just because I use a pen all day long and have a lot of time to test it. The CNC hand-finished pen is well-made and comfortable to use. I also like the Hyperlink carabiner because of its unique looks and the pocket clip that adds a little extra something special to it. Although Blank Forces gear is pricey, I am able to recommend it based on how they look and perform.

Price: $194 (Silencer version of the Injector pen), $89 (Hyperlink carabiner), $2.49 – $4.99 (Keyrings)
Where to buy: Blank Forces
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Blank Forces.

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