MOFT Snap Case Movas and Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand review

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REVIEW – I didn’t order my iPhone 15 Pro Max until a couple of months after it was announced, and as a result, I lost out on all of the case review offers that flooded my inbox in the early days of the 15 series of phones. Luckily another offer came in days before the phone showed up and I’ve had the MOFT Snap Case Movas MagSafe compatible case on my iPhone 15 Pro Max ever since. MOFT also included their Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand too, so let’s take a closer look.

What is it?

The MOFT Snap Case Movas and Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand are iPhone accessories that feature vegan leather.

What’s in the box?

  • MOFT Snap Case Movas
  • MOFT Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand (sold separately)

MOFT Snap Case Movas iPhone case

moft snapcase movas 3

The MOFT Snap Case Movas looks and feels like fine-grained leather, but it’s really made of MOVAS™-P* Series Vegan eco-friendly, non-toxic leather and is available in 6 colors including the sapphire version shown here.

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Also included with the case is a lanyard anchor that you can put inside the case and use it to attach a lanyard so you can wear your phone.

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The Movas case features a microfiber lining, and the case itself is thin and lightweight with a smooth/soft leather-like texture and feel. So it looks and feels very much like leather but without the yummy leather smell. Actually, it has no smell whatsoever (at least to my nose).

moft snapcase movas 6

The case has a raised ring around the camera module to help provide some extra protection for the lenses on the back of the iPhone.

The MOFT Snap Case Movas also features metal buttons for power, volume, and the Action function. I absolutely HATE cases with molded plastic buttons that provide zero tactile feedback. I’m happy to say that’s NOT a problem with the MOFT case at all. These buttons are super clicky and are a pleasure to use.

moft snapcase movas 1

I had no problem inserting or removing the iPhone from the MOFT case. It adds minimal bulk to the phone, while adding grip and protection.

MOFT Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand

moft snap tripod 1

The MOFT Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand is a MagSafe compatible folding tripod that connects to the back of iPhones that have MagSafe.

moft snap tripod 8

Although it looks like a MagSafe wallet, the tripod is just that… a tripod. It would be cool if it were a wallet AND a tripod though!

moft snap tripod 2

Just like the Snap Case reviewed above, the Inivisble Tripod is made of Movas vegan leather and comes in a variety of colors. I got the Sapphire version to match the iPhone case. And with the Snap Case, the tripod sticks to it like a beast. You don’t need to worry that it will fall off because the magnets embedded in the tripod are really strong!

If you don’t have an iPhone with MagSafe, you can use the MOFT Snap Inivisble Tripod with any phone when you stick the included ring on the back of your device.

moft snap tripod 5

The MOFT tripod unfolds into the form you see above.

moft snap tripod 4

The top part of the tripod where you attach your phone, can be adjusted to a wide variety of angles including the one you see above – if you’re careful.

moft snap tripod 9 e1701782691629

It is obviously going to be tippy if you use it at that extreme angle, but it is doable.

moft snap tripod 7

It can also be used as a more basic holder like you see above and below.

moft snap tripod 6

I like taking the MOFT Snap Invisible Tripod with me when I go out alone to a restaurant so I can watch video or read the news while I eat. I’ve also used it to hold my phone when I shoot video on my desk for things like mechanical keyboard demos.

What I like

  • Movas material feels like leather
  • The case is easy to put on and remove
  • Clicky buttons are great!
  • Adds grip to an otherwise slippery phone
  • Tripod can hold the phone in a variety of angles
  • Tripod can be used with non-MagSafe devices when used with the included ring

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

MOFT Snap Case Movas is the first MOFT case that I’ve reviewed and I have to say that I’m impressed by it. I love the look/color and the feel in my hand. I also really like the clicky metal buttons. Pair it with the MOFT Snap Invisible Phone Tripod Stand and it’s a great duo. Both get two thumbs up from me!

Price: $49.99 (case), $39.99 (tripod)
Where to buy: MOFT and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by MOFT.

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