I need this CountyComm Pen-Go mini pen for my EDC!

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countycomm pen go 4

NEWS – Last year I wrote a quick article about 5 mini EDC pens that were worth checking out. I want to update that for 2023 and have been on a quest to find a new selection of unique mini pens that I think would be great for that new list. One of the pens that I’m considering for the list is the Pen-Go mini pen from CountyComm. EDC fans should already be familiar with CountyComm because they offer some really cool EDC items. But let’s focus on the Pen-Go. This little titanium pen features a screw-off cap. I love that the Pen-Go doesn’t use standard D1 pen refills because they don’t feel all that nice to write with. Instead, the Pen-Go uses Lamy M22 refills. What do you think about this pen? Want one? It’s $29.95 from CountyComm.

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5 thoughts on “I need this CountyComm Pen-Go mini pen for my EDC!”

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  2. Bloodthirsty Vegan

    Half of my 1 pound Keychain is CountyComm merch. Once you start……but not the pen. Sticking with my Fisher Bullet, but if I ever lose it….
    And no, my ignition key is not part of this weighty cluster.

      1. I have loved Fisher Space pens for so many years. I’ve probably bought >100 pens and refills during that time. I might have owned most every model, ink color, and tip size they ever sold. I’m pretty sure that every Space pen I’ve had would get goopy if it wasn’t being used regularly. I always have a little piece of tissue nearby to wipe off the goop before beginning to use it. I guess that’s the price you pay for having a pen that would write under water, over grease, upside down, in space, and pretty much everywhere/anytime. And my most frequently used Space pen is actually just a refill that’s enclosed in a rubber tube that’s connected via a magnet to my 5”x8” notebook that I carry everywhere.

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