Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review

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REVIEW – When we upgraded our iPhone 11 Pros to the new iPhone 14 Pro, our old cases no longer worked.  I had been using a leather wallet case from Noreve,  and my husband liked that I could carry my cards and phone all in a single item.  However, he did not want a full bulky wallet-type case.  We had looked at the simple magnetic pouches that attach to the back of the iPhone via the magnets at the Apple store but held off due to the high price of $60.  So when the Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review came up for review, I jumped at it to see if it worked for my husband’s needs.

What is it?

The Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review is a wallet that attaches to the back of any iPhone with a MagSafe back on it. It can hold from one to three credit cards.

What’s in the box?

The Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review came nicely packed in a fully recyclable box.  Even the handle is recyclable because it is made of rolled-up paper.  Inside the box, only the wallet was packaged.

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Design and features

The wallet is made of full-grain leather that is vegetable tanned.  It has a single card pocket that can hold only one to three credit cards.  Compared to the similar wallets we saw in the Apple store, the Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review felt like it was of higher quality.  The leather is soft, and the stitching is impeccable.  It has a slanted opening at the top to make it easier to slide out your cards.  There is also a hole at the bottom of the cardholder, so you can press the cards up to make them easier to take out.

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The back of the wallet is made of grippy silicone strips that keep the wallet from sliding around on the phone.  You can also see another hole in the back of the wallet that will help you slide off your cards for removal.

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Here is the Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review fully loaded with three credit cards.  I would not recommend trying to force in a fourth credit card.  The wallet is currently holding two credit cards and a driver’s license.  The driver’s license is thinner than a normal credit card.   It is a pretty snug fit, and it is kind of difficult to get your cards out of the wallet at first.  Pushing the cards up from the notch at the bottom exposes more of the cards up top.  You can then use your thumb to push and slide up the cards.  It has gotten slightly easier as the leather has broken in.

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I took a closeup of the notch at the bottom so you could see the cards in there.  I will be honest and say that the hole in the back of the wallet does not seem to help get the cards out.  If you have three cards in there, it is really tight, and those suckers are hard to slide out.

The Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review feels very secure on the phone.  It will not drop off the phone, and you have to work on sliding it off the case.  When it comes time to use a credit card, my husband will slide a fingernail under the back edge of the wallet and pop it off the phone.  He will then push up the cards from the bottom notch and use his thumb at the top to slide out a card.  If you put the phone with the wallet into a tight pocket, you would run the risk of sliding the wallet off.  However, putting it in a purse or bag should not be an issue.

What I like

  • Very well made.  Top quality leather.
  • Has notches and holes to help you get the cards out.
  • The top of the cardholder is cut at an angle to make it easier to get your cards out.
  • It is cheaper and more functional than the ones in the Apple store.

What I’d change

  • It would be nice if it could have held at least one more card.

Final thoughts

Once my husband got over the fact he could only carry three cards (he really wanted to carry four), he loved using the Mujjo Full Leather MagSafe iPhone wallet review.  It did take a few days of sliding cards in and out for him to get comfortable with the process.  I think some of this may be due to the wallet breaking in a bit.  If you are looking for this type of wallet, I can highly recommend it over the ones they sell in the Apple store.  It is made of higher-quality leather, has more accessible features, and is about $15 cheaper.  The Apple wallets do come in more colors, though.

Price: $44
Where to buy: Mujjo
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Mujjo.

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