Clckr Case and Stand review – Tough cases at a not-so-tough price

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REVIEW – As I said in a previous iPhone case review, I never have my iPhone “naked”. It is always in a case. Sure, I would love to use it without a case, but there are two reasons I don’t. First, I paid a lot of money for my “overpriced toy from the company with that fruity logo”, and I’ll be da**ed if I’m going to risk major scratches or a cracked screen. Secondly—and I’m puzzled why this isn’t reported more—the titanium iPhone Pros are slippery little devils. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t drop my phone—and that’s with a case! I don’t even want to think about my phone’s condition after a week without a case. Thankfully, there’s Clckr.

If you’ve been noticing, there are many, many cases to choose from for almost all smartphones. Clckr (no, it’s not misspelled) makes cases, stands, and other accessories with an eco-twist. 

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What is it?

The Clckr line of cases and accessories are made from plastic. We all know the negative role plastic can play in the oceanic environment, but Clckr has teamed with rePurpose Global to “recover the equivalent amount of plastic used in all our products and help facilitate the removal of nature-bound plastic before it ends up in the ocean.“ In other words, for every pound of plastic used in manufacturing, another pound has been removed from the oceans. Cool.

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Clckr has also teamed with G-Form, a maker of uber-protective sports gear—and now electronics protection. Clckr‘s iPhone 15 Pro cases have a slight built-in bumper in each corner for added bounce protection. The bumps are much more subtle then ones seen on Casetify’s cases. These added bumpers are not on all cases.

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Clckr Also makes two kinds of stands for their cases. These are MagSafe magnetic stands for Clckr‘s MagSafe cases and a more universal “stick-on” stand for non-MagSafe cases.

Note that Clckr makes cases for Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones—not Google phones.

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  • G-Force plastic protection
  • Optional stand (choice of MagSafe or sticker) 

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Design and features

I guess smartphone case makers really like to show off their products. This is the second time I’ve received a gift-wrapped box containing various cases and stands to review. I get to try different cases to see if they fit my needs. One case works the best for me—it’s one of Clckr’s least expensive and it’s not even made for my iPhone!

Clckr 11b

The plastic used on Clckr‘s cases is stiff, but still pliable enough to snap on a smartphone. It’s the best of both designs. I’ve used cases that were too soft and stiff enough that I worried about breaking the phone’s glass trying to put on or remove the case. G-Force calls this SmartFlex—plastic that hardens on impact as blunt force is applied.

Clckr 3

The Clckr cases have a nice rim around the camera bump (on my iPhone) that adds additional protection to the three lenses. There are no lens covers offered. If there were, I wouldn’t use them anyway as they can degrade images with scratching or smearing on the surface. 

Clckr 7

Clckr’s stands are available either magnetically (MagSafe) or by easily removable stickers. While I prefer the MagSafe stands, I’m not a fan of wireless charging (it makes my iPhone uncomfortably warm), so paying extra for MagSafe just to use a magnetic stand isn’t worth it to me. Note that either stand can be used on a smartphone sans case.

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Other than how the stands attach, they operate the same. A section clicks into place when closed. Once pulled open, a different section clicks into place. It’s a simple procedure. I only wonder if the tiny tabs that hold the stands open or closed will hold up over time. 

Note that the stands are not built in, they are an extra-cost option. 

I received three cases for review. Clckr only makes two types of cases for my iPhone 15 Pro Max and sent one—the green “Carbon” model. A “Force” model is also available. Clckr mistakenly sent a case for the regular iPhone 15 Pro which doesn’t fit my Pro Max. It’s also not shown on their website, so it’s a mystery case.

Clckr 10

I also received two clear “Diamond” cases—both with and without MagSafe. These cases are made for the 15 Plus iPhones. Since the Pluses are the same size as the 15 Pro Max, the cases fit. I wish Clckr mad Diamond cases specifically for the 15 Pro Max because I prefer these clear cases to the other choices offered. 

Clckr 2

I have mostly been using the Diamond MagSafe case in my daily routine for the past few weeks. And, true to form, I’ve dropped the case at least once a day. As I’ve said before, any scratches or dings in a case are dings and scratches not on my iPhone.

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What I like

  • Sturdy and built to be dropped  

Clckr 6

What I’d change

  • A built-in stand would be nice
  • iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max selection is not great 

Clckr 1

Final Thoughts

Clckr cases are a reasonably priced option for someone looking for reliable smartphone protection. My preference for clear cases is met by Clckr’s Diamond cases which let the beauty of the iPhone show. However, I wish there were an iPhone 15 Pro Max version available. 

Price: $59.99 (iPhone 15 Pro Max); $39.99-$59.99 (iPhone 15 Pro).
Where to buy: Clckr and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Clckr.

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