IPad Pro Case

Both Julie and I have longed for Apple to produce a Surface Pro like product, a hybrid tablet running macOS. Apple argues that the iPad Pro fills that niche and is more than powerful and capable enough to get the job done. And I might agree that the iPad Pro has the horsepower but so… Read More

When you spend hundreds of dollars for an iPad Pro, you really don’t want to spend another hundred dollars on a case just to protect it. Today I want to show you the iVAPO case for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. At only $17.49 from Amazon, it can’t possibly be that good right? Let’s find out… Read More

One of the first things most of us do after we purchase a new phone or tablet is to shop for a case to protect or add to the look of that shiny new device. There are literally thousands of choices which can make this quite an arduous task. When I purchased my 10.5” iPad… Read More

Earlier this year I reviewed several iPhone cases from Burkley leathers. Both were very well done…handcrafted from full grain leather and perfectly fitted for my iPhone. In similar fashion, Burkley has created a Smart Folio cover for Apple’s recently released 10.5″ iPad Pro, also handcrafted with old world style and nicely fitted for the iPad… Read More

I seem to have jumped head first into a vat of Apple kool-aid. First I bought an iPhone 7 Plus and then I bought an iPad Pro 10.5. New Apple devices mean new device accessories so I’ve been trying out cases for the iPhone and now I want to show you the Patchworks PureCover 2017 Smart… Read More

In April of 2015, I reviewed my first case from Urban Armor Gear – the Rogue case for the iPad Air. I really liked the cover and found it quite protective. I now have an iPad Pro 12.9″, and am happy to be the one chosen to review their Metropolis case. Note: Photos may be… Read More

Several years ago, I reviewed the Joli Originals smooth leather sleeve for the MacBook Pro and while that behemoth of a laptop is long gone, I continue to use the sleeve to this day. I keep it on my nightstand as a soft, secure space for my iPad and iPhone… a safe haven from the hectic whirlwind… Read More

I love my 12.9″ iPad Pro, but, like most folks have mentioned in reviews, I find it a bit difficult to balance when trying to carry it around during use. I’ve found a case that I like for use around the house or on the road, but it’s more a stand, even though it has… Read More

Quiver who are known for their pen holders for notebooks and journals have a new holder for iPad Pro owners. When you add the Quiver Pro 9.7 to any iPad Pro case for the 9.7 inch version of the Pro, you’ll have a secure place to store the Apple Pencil and extra nibs. The Quiver… Read More

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