iVAPO iPad Pro 10.5 case review

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When you spend hundreds of dollars for an iPad Pro, you really don’t want to spend another hundred dollars on a case just to protect it. Today I want to show you the iVAPO case for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. At only $17.49 from Amazon, it can’t possibly be that good right? Let’s find out.

What is it?

The iVAPO iPad Pro 10.5 case is exactly what you guess it is, a case for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. No surprises there. But there is a small surprise inside.

Design and features

The iVAPO case is similar to other iPad cases that have a folding cover on one side and an iPad holder on the opposite side.

The iVAPO has a grey denim-like look and feel that provides grip when you’re holding the iPad and helps protect the screen and back of the tablet from scratches and wear.

Although the case looks and feels nice in hand, I did notice a problem with it. The material sheds which leaves a thin layer of dust on the iPad’s display that’s hard to clean off without removing the iPad entirely from the case.

The iPad is easy to insert and remove from this case. There are cutouts for the speakers, lightning connector, and camera, so you can use all the features of the iPad just like you would if it weren’t in the case.

The one way the iVAPO sets itself apart from other iPad Pro cases is the built-in holder for the Apple Pencil. The Pencil stays in the holder even if you turn the case and iPad upside down.

To retrieve the Pencil, you can either hook the tip with your fingernail and pull it out or you can push the Pencil out from behind the case.

The iVAPO case cover is like a lot of iPad case covers in that it can fold out of the way behind the case when you’re using the iPad. It can also fold into a stand to prop up the iPad.

The cover has magnets to activate the auto sleep and wake feature. Unfortunately, I found that the cover would not always seat properly over the iPad’s display to engage that feature.

Final thoughts

It’s tough to complain about a case that is priced at less than $20, but there are a few issues that annoyed me about it that are worth repeating. The case material leaves a layer of dust on the iPad and the cover doesn’t always turn the iPad’s display off when the cover is closed.

Other than those issues, there’s not a lot more to say about the iVAPO iPad Pro 10.5 case. It does what it’s been designed to do, which is protect the iPad Pro and hold an Apple Pencil. If you’re on a budget after spending all your money on the iPad Pro and the Pencil, the iVAPO won’t overburden your wallet and is worth a look if you can get past the issues.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by iVAPO. Please visit Amazon for more info and to order.


Product Information

  • Affordable
  • Built-in Pencil holder
  • Cover doesn't always activate the auto sleep feature
  • Material leaves dust on the iPad's display
  • Bulky

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