Joli Originals Smooth 10.5″ iPad Pro Sleeve review

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Several years ago, I reviewed the Joli Originals smooth leather sleeve for the MacBook Pro and while that behemoth of a laptop is long gone, I continue to use the sleeve to this day. I keep it on my nightstand as a soft, secure space for my iPad and iPhone… a safe haven from the hectic whirlwind that is our house. When I was looking for a sleeve to protect my new 10.5″ iPad Pro, Joli Originals was one of the first on my list to look into and thankfully they sent one my way for this review. 

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Like all of Joli’s products, this sleeve is handcrafted in the Netherlands from fine Italian leather and 100% pure wool felt. The leather is extremely soft, supple, and smells/feels wonderful. The sleeve is lined with a high quality Dutch wool felt. Instead of my usual black or dark brown color selection, I decided to live on the wild side and get the gray leather lined with the red felt interior.

joli originals 105iPadSleeve frontback

The pictures do not do justice to how nice this sleeve looks in person. The quality of workmanship and finish of the sleeve are excellent. As you would expect, the cut and stitching of the leather is straight as an arrow. The stitching itself is done with strong, durable nylon parachute thread.

joli originals 105iPadSleeve slidingin

This sleeve is perfectly fitted for Apple’s latest flagship tablet. Initially sliding the 10.5″ iPad Pro in and out was a bit tight but quickly stretched just a hint for a glove-like fit.

joli originals 105iPadSleeve inside

The Joli Originals smooth sleeve has a simple but extremely functional design. It appears that the wool felt is glued to the leather then the two halves are stitched together to form the slipper case.

joli originals 105iPadSleeve inhand

Like I’ve said, the feel of the Joli Original sleeve is wonderful. Its overall design is ideal for protecting your naked iPad while in transport solo or in a larger bag. The sleeve will not protect your iPad from any significant drop but does a great job protecting it from scraps and bumps. The sleeve is available for all the various sizes of iPads and you can select a roomier sleeve to accommodate Apple’s Smart Cover or Keyboard. They are available in various color combinations.

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I really like the Joli Original sleeve they created for my iPad Pro. Its handmade craftsmanship, high quality materials, and simple design are excellent. Joli Originals customer service and attention to detail are very good as well. I regularly use this sleeve to transport my tablet either by hand or in my gym bag to protect my iPad from my hectic lifestyle.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Joli Originals. Please visit their site for more info and to order.


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