Pitaka MagEZ limited edition ‘Sunset Moment’ iPhone case review

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REVIEW – I ordered my first Pitaka case for the iPhone X back in 2017. It’s been one of my go-to brands ever since and to date, each of my subsequent phones has donned some Pitaka case variation. Each generation has subtle improvements and more color options. I was already using the MagEZ Case Pro 3 for my iPhone 14 Pro when a limited edition of the MagEZ Case 3 called Sunset Moment became available. Here’s what to expect.

What is it?

The Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 is an ultra-thin, minimalist case that’s extra durable. It’s made with aramid fiber and laid up in a way where you can see and subtly feel the weave. The limited edition has an intricate color arrangement along with limited markings.

What’s in the box?

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  • Pitaka MagEZ Case 3
  • MagEZ Grip
  • Inspiration card
  • Installation/removal instructions

Hardware specs

  • Super thin, just 0.95mm
  • Lightweight, only 17.3g
  • Skin-friendly 3D grip
  • MagSafe and MagEZ 2.0 compatible
  • Made with durable yet lightweight aramid fiber
  • Lip around camera raised 3.5mm for lens protection

Design and features

MagEZ Case 3 is the lightest case in Pitaka’s current lineup. It’s available for the iPhone 14 series, the Samsung Galaxy 23 series, and the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Color options vary depending on the model.

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Sunset Moment is a limited edition issue that is packaged with sunset colors woven into a deep blue base reminiscent of an expertly crafted blanket like a Pendleton. A silver Pitaka is printed towards the bottom.

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The camera protection lip is raised 3.5mm to protect the lenses and printed with ‘LIMITED EDITION’ on the left side. A separate MagEZ Grip is included that magnetically attaches to the back center and is printed with Route 66. What’s super cool is that the aramid inlay in the Grip is made with the removed camera section from the case.

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There are cutouts on each side for all the buttons, and all along the bottom for speakers, mic, and the lightning port. The top has a similar cutout, I’m assuming to aid in installation and removal. Inside the case is a MagSafe compatibility graphic and another Limited Edition marking.

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And from the packaging side, Pitaka has taken steps to be very ec0-friendly which is always good to see using a pulp enclosure and card stock sleeve.

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To install the case, insert the power button side of the phone and then press the left upper and lower corners until you hear or feel the snap.

To remove the case, hold the right side and roll your thumb over the left screen side to unhook the top and bottom corners before pivoting the phone out.


Here’s the quote from the inspiration/mood card that comes inside the box…

Drive to the burning sunset. I have driven our car without rebellion, speeding down Route 66, wandering all the way, gliding over mountains and plains, deserts and towns, letting the wind pass through the sound of freedom. We were tireless, we longed for everything, until the night was low, we still drove toward the burning sunset, always driving.’

Whether that quote ignites the desire for a road trip or not, the colors in the case definitely have that deep sunset color vibe.

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As with all of Pitaka’s aramid cases, it’s super comfortable to hold. It’s warmer and not slippery and just always feels good. The case rises above the phone’s glass by 0.7 mm and I really appreciate the direct access to all of the phone’s buttons. The raised lip around the camera is also proud by about 0.4mm. The small MagEZ grip surprised me. It’s small enough to pocket separately if you need to lay your phone on a wireless charger and comes in handy if you need to use it as a stand.

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It also does a great job as intended when used as a finger loop. You can have a much lighter grip on your phone and don’t have to spread your fingers uncomfortably around some socket that pops.

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What I like

  • Minimal, but enough protection
  • .03mm proud of iPhone glass
  • Soft, warm texture that is not slippery
  • Direct access to buttons for optimal feel
  • Muted warm colors that read more woven blanket, than carbon weave
  • Cool magnetic ring loop design that I will actually use

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

As I mentioned at the outset, I’ve consistently found Pitaka’s cases to be solid performers. The MagEz Case 3 is my favorite so far and this limited edition version has even snapped me out of the black I usually default to. If the Sunset Moment version strikes your fancy you’ll want to act quickly as they are limited as implied, but any of their cases are a safe bet in my book.

Price: $89.99
Where to buy: Pitaka
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Pitaka.

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