Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel case review – Now I can MagSafe too!

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REVIEW – I’m an Android guy, have been for decades now, and will stay one.  That being said I’ve been jealous of my iPhone friends who have MagSafe compatible phones.  They have all the cool accessories like charging stands, wallets that just stick to the back of the phone, and the same with wireless battery packs for charging on the go.  Why can’t my Android phone have that functionality?  Luckily, Peak Design felt sorry for us Android users and created a MagSafe or should I say SlimLink-compatible case.

What is it?

The Peak Design Everyday Case for Pixel is a MagSafe-compatible phone case with extra features that allow it to work with Peak Design straps and mobile accessories.

What’s in the box?

  • The Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel case
  • Packet with Warranty card, product brochure, and PD sticker

Hardware specs

  • Nylon canvas fabric shell
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Rubberized TPU bumper
  • Molded TPU bumper
  • High-temp neodymium magnets
  • High-strength ceramic locking ring (yttria-stabilized zirconia)

Design and features

Ok, so I mentioned the fact that the Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel case is MagSafe-compatible. Peak Design does this with its built-in magnetic locking technology called SlimLink. To dip my toe into the MagSafe accessory pool, I bought a 3rd party compatible wallet to test it out.  I knew it would work well with Peak Design’s own wallet which I do covet, but I wanted to try another company’s to see if the Everyday case can play well with others.

The wallet here works pretty well although it does come off fairly easily. After checking with my iPhone friends, they say on some of their accessories, it can be difficult to remove them from their phones. I’m going to have to get other things to try to see if it’s the case or wallet magnets that are the weak point.

The Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel Case is covered with a nylon canvas making it look much more distinguished than the case it replaced.

It feels good in the hand and gives a good amount of gription.  My only concern is how well will it deal with dirt and grime.  So far, it’s doing well.

Another interesting feature of the case is the square ceramic locking ring.  This ring allows you to use the rest of Peak Design’s Mobile Ecosystem which includes several different types of mounts, a tripod, and their creator kit. I don’t have any of those to test with but I’m looking at getting one of the bike mounts. So far, the only drawback I see of this mounting system is the ring can collect dust and dirt in the recesses.

The case is also designed with two mounting points to use with any of Peak Design’s camera straps.

I have one of their Slide straps for my camera and I love it. Rugged, durable, and comfortable. I’m not sure I’ll use it on my phone but it’s nice to have the option I guess.

The Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel Case has a protective lip around the screen and camera so neither is touching a surface like your table or countertops when placed down.

It’s not huge, but it’s there.

Another nice little touch I like about the design of the Everyday Case is the small Peak Design logo placed on the edge of the case.  They didn’t plaster it all over the place. Keeping it classy, Peak Design!

What I like

  • The materials
  • Thin and lightweight
  • MagSafe compatible

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

After having used the Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel case for a month, I’m sticking with it.  I had considered purchasing it when I first got my Pixel 7 Pro. What I didn’t consider was how jealous I was going to be seeing all the MagSafe devices out there.  I’m glad I was able to review it.  I can’t say how well it will protect my phone from a drop because so far, knock on wood, I haven’t dropped it. I can say though, how much easier it is to get in and out of my pocket and how much less space it takes up than my old one. I’m very pleased with the Everyday Case. It looks great, feels good in the hand, and gives me access to all that is MagSafe.

Price: $39.95
Where to buy: Peak Design and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Peak Design.

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12 thoughts on “Peak Design Everyday Google Pixel case review – Now I can MagSafe too!”

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  2. I’ve got a similar MagSafe case by oakxco for my Pixel 7 Pro (though that one’s clear so you can see the phone through it). I was already using a different magnetic attachment system before Apple came out with MagSafe, but since that seems to be a new emerging standard I’ve switched over to it. It looks like it’s set to be adopted into the new Qi 2 standard, so hopefully in a few years Android phones will come with it as standard and we can get a great ecosystem of intercompatible products.

  3. Main thing PD cases are for is to connect to their mounting system. Without testing that, who cares. Few would buy this just for the case alone.

    2nd most important thing a case does is protect what’s inside the case. This article didn’t address that.

    So the author liked the looks and feel, and it was slimmer than his old case. Could have said that in a one line Tweet.

  4. Have your tried charging with this case plus their wireless charger? . I had high hopes for this combo so I can wireless charge in my car. However. It gets so insanely hot that the charging slows to a crawl. I had to return all the parts and just go back to my OtterBox and charge w a magnetic cable. Too bad so sad.

    1. I have this case and use PD’s wireless car charger. It works about as well as just using a cable, which is to say it gets to around 80% and can maintain it with the screen on while using the gps and streaming music. Convenient and classy with it’s cable management system, though I had limited placement options in my Honda CR-V.

      1. Forgot to mention, I have the adhesive car charger, not the vent charger. I haven’t noticed a heat issue, but haven’t driven in a lot of hot weather yet. It does hang over a vent though, so the ac blows on the phone case. I assume that helps.

  5. I. Purchased an after market case for my Pixel 6.
    I was forced to Use Commander strips to attach the backing to the case.
    Magnet was to weak.
    Works well🤔

  6. I’ve had this same case for my P7P for a few months now. The case is definitely nice in hand, slim and provides a fair amount of protection from falls and/or scrapes, with the rubberized frame and camera lip.

    I, like you, am using a third party Magsafe style wallet – mine from Sinjimoru products. The magnetism between wallet and case is decent but I wish it was stronger.

    That said, I wish PD would incorporate their locking system into their wallet offerings and really allow this case to live up to it’s full potential, as well as provide additional security to our valuables. Great review!

    1. Very much agree. Since this review I’ve gotten to try it with a few other magsafe accessories and it’s definitely the magnet in this case that the weak point.
      Your idea of using the lock for the wallet definitely makes more sense while still allowing us to use magsafe to charge.

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