mophie’s Juice Pack Connect is a modular charger and more

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NEWS – Backup batteries typically aren’t very interesting or newsworthy, but mophie has broken the boredom molded with the Juice Pack Connect. What’s so interesting about this backup battery for your smartphone? First of all, it’s universal for smartphones that have built-in wireless charging. It’s not a big bulky case that charges your phone’s battery when it gets low. Nope, it’s a modular 5000mAh battery charger that slides onto the back of your phone or phone’s case to wirelessly charge when you need it and when you don’t need it, you can slide the Juice Pack off and slide on the removable phone grip that doubles as a stand. Clever right? Want one? Head over to where you can pick a mophie Juice Pack Connect for $79.99. It’s also available on Amazon.

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  2. Am I missing something on Zaggs and Amazon’s site? That particular item is not listed on any of the sites… Maybe too new? 😉


  3. Is the removable stand able to be connected on different sides or is it rotatable to different positions like other ring stands. Once it is removed will the stand connection still allow regular Qi charging on both vertical and horizontal Qi chargers? How far out does the connector stand out from the back when not in use? will it be a problem when lying the phone down on it’s back? Will scratching the connector by laying it on something or shoving it into something eventually cause a problem with the wireless charging?

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