In-desk universal wireless charger from Brando

brando wireless charger 2

NEWS – Do you have one of those wire-routing holes drilled into the top of your desk?  Insert the Brando In-Desk Universal Wireless Charger into that 2.4″ hole and turn it into a wireless Qi charger with a bonus.  The wireless 5W charger can be used with a huge list of Qi-compatible phones (see the Brando page for the list).  The charger is sturdy; it’s water- and pressure-resistant.  It comes with a 4-ft USB cable and uses a 5V/3A AC adapter (not included).

The bonus is the USB-A and USB-C charging ports found under the waterproof cover in the middle of the Qi charger.  Both chargers can be used simultaneously for a total output of 15W.  The USB-A plug outputs 5V / 2.4A and the USB-C produces 5V / 3A. The In-Desk Universal Wireless Charger is $27.00 at Brando.

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