Book: How to Do Everything with Your Pocket PC and Handheld PC Review

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Frank McPherson has just written a 602 page book entitled: How to Do Everything with Your Pocket PC & Handheld PC (published by
Osborne McGraw-Hill). This huge book contains lots of information about
Microsoft Windows Powered Devices such as those from Compaq, Casio and Hewlett

book starts with a detailed history of Windows Powered devices. It starts
with the Microsoft PC Companions and goes thru Handheld PCs, Palm-Size PCs, Auto
PCs, Handheld PC Professionals and Pocket PCs.

Next the book goes into very detailed information about Pocket PCs. It takes
you pretty much step by step into setting up your Pocket PC for the first time.
This section takes up about 30 pages and is probably only good for the very
beginning Pocket PC user. And only part of this info is useful to the beginner
because most of it they will have already done or figured out in the first hours
with their new device.

The next section covers the setting up of a Handheld PC. This section doesn’t
go into as much detail as the same section for the Pocket PC.

Next is an entire chapter devoted to moving information into the PDA which is
otherwise known as ‘syncing’. There is a good dose of information on ActiveSync
that includes installation details and troubleshooting tips. There are also
sections on infrared, network and modem syncing. This is a really good chapter
as it goes into some fairly detailed info concerning synchronization settings
for all the main built-in applications such as Contacts, Inbox, Tasks etc. There
is also a short section on backing up and restoring files. Throughout the
chapter, there are quite a few really good tips and notes that even the most
seasoned PDA user will find valuable.

The next chapters in the book thoroughly cover the built-in applications such
as Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Microsoft Money, Voice
Recorder, Pocket PowerPoint, Pocket Access and the various built-in accessory
programs. Both the Pocket PC and Handheld PC versions of these applications are
covered in fine detail. As in the other chapters, useful tidbits of information
are included in small Tips sections and How To… sections on various pages.

A short chapter then talks about the must-have programs that you can download
from various sites on the Internet. This is a nice section but instead of just
describing the must-have programs, the book should include these programs on a
CDrom. As it is, it feels like the book is teasing you. Not all people have
Internet access so it would be nice if the programs had been included… even if
they were just demos.

There are also chapters about using your PDA in the office, gaming on your
PDA, and traveling with your PDA. Several other chapters detail going online
with your PDA and help you learn about using e-mail and mobile channels. The
book then ends with chapters on customizing your PDA and using peripherals with
your Pocket PC or Handheld PC.

How to Do Everything with Your Pocket PC & Handheld PC is a good
book for beginners and experienced Windows Powered device users. Just about
everyone should learn a thing or two that they didn’t already know.

Price: $24.99 (or
click here to buy it now at
for $19.99)


Detailed info on various topics.
Good tips and tricks.

Software discussed in book isn’t included on a CDrom.


Product Information

  • Detailed info on various topics.
  • Good tips and tricks.
  • Software discussed in book isn't included on a CDrom.

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  2. For those of you in the UK, check out which works really well. Very simple, easy to configure (via the website) and easy to read on the TT.

    Apart from the extortionate price, the only real downsides I have found so far are
    – difficulty getting the app onto my SD card in a way that ensures it will update hotstnc
    – the app isn’t configured for the left and right funtions of the 5-way button on TT
    – the rather neat-looking remote control function doesn’t yet work with OS5

  3. Speaking of TV Listing apps….is there one that will tap a ReplayTV.

    Hmm, it now occurs to me that there would be lots of useful things that I could want to do to my ReplayTV if I got a TT.

    Like I could have it work as a remote, where I don’t have to aim over the coffee table….just have to get a bluetooth access point. 😉

    It would be a way to control more than one RelayTV in the same room without having to track down the codes for a Pronto (and buy a new pronto….I fried mine, because it seems the TSU1000 cable is [bad] different from the TSU2000 cable….:mad: )

    Though I only have the one ReplayTV unit at the moment….only had it for 2 weeks, and I’m already trying to figure out how to get two more of them :rolleyes: (It’s a 5160 incase your wondering).

    The Dreamer

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