Vaja Flip Top Visor Case Review

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Handspring Visor

Get ready for a sneak peak of what is arguably the Cadillac of PDA cases! I’m talking
about the Flip Top Case for the Visor from Vaja.
These cases are made in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the finest leather. I’m only
reviewing 2 of the Visor cases, but all of the PDA cases from Vaja have the same excellent
quality designed into them.

Now I know what you are thinking, not everybody NEEDS a Cadillac. But once you put your
PDA in one of these cases, you don’t want to take it out. The 2 cases that I have to
review are the Brown Ostrich, and the Black Alligator
cases. The case comes in 8 different materials. All of the materials look so nice that
it’s hard to decide which one you may want. I have included pictures of the other cases
below to show you what the other materials look like.

Brown Ostrich with Dark Tan Leather Black Ostrich with  Black Leather Brown Alligator with Brown Leather Black Alligator with
Black Leather
Green Nubuck with Dark Tan Leather Blue Nubuck with Dark Tan Leather Brown Leather Horse (with hair) with Black Matt

The first thing you notice when you see and feel the case is its quality
workmanship. Everything from the stitching to the fit of the Visor is excellent. The Vaja
Flip Top Case
is padded on the cover, and the inside is a suede like leather that
keeps the Visor from moving around in the case. (Its snug fit is something that other
case makers should take note of.) And the leather is very thick as compared with some of
the other leather cases I have reviewed. For example, the back of the case is about
.10″ thick, the sides and front of the Visor holster are about .075″ thick, and
the flip top cover is about .420″ thick in the center where the padding is, and
.150″ thick on the edges. It even has an ABS plastic insert in the leather for added
protection. The overall dimensions are 5-2/16″ x 3-2/16″ x 1″.

On the inside of the Vaja Flip Top Case‘s cover, are
slots for 3 credit cards, a pouch for money, and an area embossed with the basic graffiti
chart. You can request letters and numbers, or, if you already are an expert user, you can
request the advanced graffiti chart (signs, symbols etc.). Or you can request it without
the graffiti chart. The graffiti carts are free of charge. Vaja will also personalize your
case, on the piece of leather that runs across the top of the Visor display, with your name, (up
to 20 characters for a fee of $10) or company logo, (you need to contact them regarding
adding the logo).

The flip top cover itself has a sturdy snap closure attached to a pretty
thick piece of leather. The top cover is stiff enough to offer great protection, and
flexible enough to be rotated around behind the case while in use. With the top cover
flipped back, you can easily access the Springboard Module slot without having to remove
the Visor. The Visor needs to be removed from the case to HotSync, (unless you sync using
IR). But unlike some other cases that hold the Visor in with a flap that snaps down, or
with Velcro, (yuck), the Visor just slides in and out of the Vaja Flip Top Case.

The cases are mostly leather with a clear plastic window covering the
buttons on the bottom of the Visor.  The case has a cutout on the side for the IR
port, and another cutout in the back of the case for the reset pin. Unlike other cases
that I have reviewed in which the belt clip is an option, the Vaja Flip Top Case
is apparently not available without the belt clip. But these cases are the kind that you
WANT to show off hanging from the belt. And at least they use one of the better belt clips
on the case. It has a 360° rotation, and a one touch button on the clip to release the

The Vaja Flip Top Case is one of the finest, if not
THE finest, leather case I have seen made to date. If you like the look and feel of
luxury, and don’t mind the extra cost, this is the case for you. I have nothing but high
praises for these cases. (The prices I list below are from the manufacture’s web site. But
check around to some of the local distributors of PDA cases, and you should be able to
save on shipping.)

Base Price:   $46.90
Personalized:   $10.00
Shipping:   $20.00* *US shipping cost. Check Vaja web site for shipping charges in other
countries, or look for a local distributor.
Total:   $76.90

Attractive design.
Quality construction.
Thick sturdy design.

Cost a bit high, but well worth it.


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