Leatherman’s new FREE series multi-tools use freaking magnets!

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NEWS – I’ve had a red Leatherman Squirt as part of my EDC for a couple of years and I use it pretty regularly. I also have a couple of full-sized multi-tools that I keep for around the home jobs. The only bad thing about most multi-tools is that you have to use your fingernails to pry out the individual tools. That’s not a big deal if you have strong nails, but mine have a tendency to split or chip if I’m not careful. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the biggest reason why I’m excited about Leatherman’s new FREE series of multi-tools because they feature magnets for low friction when opening and closing.

These newly redesigned multi-tools not only look different than other Leatherman tools, but they have a lot of new tech built into them. Namely magnets and that the tools are accessible from the outside and can be deployed with one hand.

There are 3 different series of tools. There’s the P Series that you see above, it’s a full-sized fold out multi-tool with pliers and a selection of other small tools.

There’s the smaller T Series tool that reminds me of a Swiss Army knife because it includes just the essentials like a knife and screwdrivers, scissors, and a bottle opener. This one looks really good to me because it’s small and includes a pair of scissors. I think this one could replace my Squirt.

Then there’s the K Series which also features a pocket knife, but it has other tools that pivot out of the handle. What do you think? Are you excited about these new tools too? The FREE series will start rolling out in April with the P Series which will be priced starting at $120. The T Series will be available in June starting at $40 and finally, the K Series will show up in August starting at $80. Head over to Leatherman.com for more pics and videos that show the new magnetic tech.

14 thoughts on “Leatherman’s new FREE series multi-tools use freaking magnets!”

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  2. I’ll definitely be taking a close look at these when they come out. I keep exactly half a fingernail free for opening things on knives and such, and trim the rest back.

  3. Vishwanath deshpande

    This is what happens when company across the world moves to china ideology behind the tool is well executed but design and look wise, looks like chinese made replica of some tool

  4. I’m waiting, somewhat impatiently, for this line to drop. I’ve yet to purchase a leatherman for myself so the free will be my first

  5. My concern about the magnetic Leathermam is, if somebody like me
    works with ferries metals , lots of grinding ect. All thoes littel metal dust
    Particles will stick and acuminate in and aground the tool! Like they stick to a magnetic level !!

  6. The headline says magnets as if it’s the main feature of the article. You have one whopping line stating that is has magnets in the article. What do the magnets do? How are they used? What benefits do they have over a traditional Leatherman?

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for leaving a comment. The magnets are used to make opening and closing the individual tools much easier. They save your fingernails and are supposed to allow one-handed deployment. I hope this explains things better for you. I’ll go beef up my post to make it more clear.

  7. My old Leatherman was set up perfectly for one hand operation which comes in handy on the job as an electrician, it lasted over 30 years so I am very excited to hear about this new tool using magnets to allow for one hand operation. I recently purchased a Leatherman Charge plus that I love and I’m hoping that I can eventually break it in for one hand operation. I have a feeling I will be getting the P4 as soon as I can. Any idea when Leatherman will be taking orders for them? Roll out date? Mike

  8. Am I the only one that noticed comments are making fun of you guys!? Either that or you’re trying to run off occasional users? Gimme a break, someone keeps half a nail to to open it as if that wouldn’t tear away or break? Yeah let’s use that as a sales point!? These have got to be in-house comments thinking they’re so clever. I live 20 miles from Leatherman off the Colombia River and can tell you first hand when you pull out this amazing tool you’re not worried if you chip a nail in any situation, let alone in an emergency which is when they 90% come into play. Nobody uses these to build or repair stuff, that’s what tools are for! This is only to cut thru a piece rope or material or the very occasional tiny but/bolt or wire cut so sharing fingernail stuff makes it look worthless. Do yourselves a favor and at least delete that….. Kindly, Ryan

  9. There the design is successful.
    The old ones were special I think, I didn’t really like them.
    I have a victorinox swisstool which after more than ten years still serves me but I do not carry it with me ( it serves me at home) because it is too heavy.
    Maybe this range will make me have my first leatherman.

  10. I highly recommend the SOG powerlitre. I’ve tried almost all the major multitools, and this has some of the best design/thought engineered into a lightweight package. The ends of the closed tool even act as a holder for hex bits..! It’s one of the few that has a corkscrew, which I really liked in the older swiss army knives, and it goes a bit further in that there is a little shelf that swings out for you to rest against the bottle and hinge to act as a real bottle opener. Very well thought out, and lightweight. It’s my EDC go-to now:

  11. These look pretty cool. I’m especially impressed with Leatherman’s innovation–I’m not aware of any other knife or pocket tool makers that have incorporated magnets into their products to enhance ease of use. Looking forward to seeing how these perform.

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