Griffin Pocket Tool puts up to 16 tools on your keychain

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NEWS – ‘Round these parts, we’re big fans of small, multi-purpose gadgets.  That’s why the Griffin Pocket Tool is appealing: it packs 16 tools into a single item small enough to fit on your key chain.  Griffin has a wide range of Pocket Tool models/sizes, ranging from the Mini (9 tools), to the Standard (11 tools) to the XL (16 tools, shown above) and prices ranging from $20 to $70 or more, depending on the size, material, and finish desired.  Visit for more info or to order.

4 thoughts on “Griffin Pocket Tool puts up to 16 tools on your keychain”

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  2. Has anyone ever found one of these ‘all in one’ tools to really work on a screw or bolt? One’s I’ve tried aren’t long enough to reach, aren’t long enough to allow the hand to make enough torque, can’t reach into small spaces, etc. Leatherman-esque tools work, whereas ‘all in ones’ seem to fail me.

    1. Great question. If Griffin (or any other company that makes a tool similar to this one) would like to contact us about reviewing one of the products, we’d be open for trying it out.

    1. I don’t have a definitive answer to this. Strictly speaking, I think the TSA rules prohibit actual blades, but an object like this may trigger individual TSA agents to prevent it from being carried onto a plane, regardless of the formal rules (I’ve seen this happen).

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