White Tower XL 2 Liter Humidifier Diffuser review

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REVIEW – With allergies being a challenge for everyone in my family, solutions like air purifiers and humidifiers are devices that are welcomed in our home. A few months ago I purchased a relatively expensive humidifier/diffuser for my kids’ bedroom and it works quite well, so I was very pleased and willing to accept the opportunity to test and review the white Tower XL 2 Liter Humidifier Diffuser. Here is my feedback.

What is it?

The White Tower XL 2-liter Humidifier Diffuser is an open-top humidifier that doubles as an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. It is built with white plastic to ensure no corrosion occurs and includes a well-designed air funnel that creates a nice mist flow. Its 2-liter tank allows you to use it continuously for an extended period of time.

What’s in the box

1 x White Tower XL 2 Liter Humidifier Diffuser
1 x Nozzle
1 x floater Tube
3 x Floaters
1 x Water Tank Cover
1 x User Guide
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Accessory Booklet

Design and features

Power Input: DC 110-240V
Power Output: DC 12-36V
Water Capacity: 2000ml

On the front of the humidifier diffuser, there is a touch control pad that allows you to turn the device on or off, increase or decrease the mist flow and turn the LED night light on or of. It also controls the LED around the control pad.

On the inside of the water canister, there is a marked indicator to show the maximum allowed water level.

Once the nozzle and the floater and cap are assembled, that assembly is dropped into the humidifier. It can only fit one way.

The company also manufactures aromatherapy oils that are great and work well with the diffuser and I am assuming any other diffuser.


This humidifier diffuser works very well. Assembly is quick, straightforward and easy, and the water capacity allows it to provide the mist for up to 12 hours. The ability to add the oils makes it a really great diffuser as well. The first time I tried it, I used the Calming Sleep oil, and remarkably, I fell asleep quite quickly and much faster than usual. The next time I tried the Breathe Easy oil and it was a great experience for my sinuses. The ability to use the night light as desired is also great, and it is so sleek and silent that it just about disappears in my room.

Once you plug in the device, you have the ability to control the flow of the mist and the LED lighting:

    • Press the power button once for continuous mode and color-changing lights
    • Press the “+” button to increase the mist. (Mist lasts up to 6-8 hours)
    • Press the “-” button to decrease the mist. (Mist lasts up to 12 hours)
    • Press the “LED” button to turn the color changing LED light on/off.

The following is a video of the humidifier diffuser in action.

What I like

  • The sleek look
  • The double duty of humidifier and diffuser
  • The decent build quality
  • The price

What can be improved

  • Ability to remove the canister from the base and thus separate the electrical system
  • Added feature for remote control and/or app control

Final thoughts

This humidifier diffuser works very well and provides the necessary continuous mist for a relatively long time. I really like the ability to control the flow of the mist and the ambient lighting is quite attractive and a very effective night light. Other than a few minor areas for improvement either for convenience or ease of use, I have no problem recommending this device. I give it two thumbs up!!!!

Price: $69.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Sample: The sample for this review was provided by Gurunanda Aromatherapy

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