JAXJOX’s KettlebellConnect is the kettlebell reimagined

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NEWS – Smart workout devices are all the rage these days. JAXJOX has come up with a weightlifting tool that’s not only smart but also saves you time and space.

The KettlebellConnect is a kettlebell with 6 weighted plates inside. It allows you to go from 12 to 42 pounds (in 6-pound increments) in under 3 seconds. KettlebellConnect’s bullet stacking system features a rotating weight-selection core that locks in and out of weighted plates.

An LED display on the unit’s base lets you select the amount of weight you want to use.

The base also acts a charging station, and 1 charge will last up to 14 days.

There are 6 axis motion sensors inside the KettlebellConnect that track your every movement.

You can sync the KettlebellConnect to the JAXJOC app via Bluetooth. The app records your reps, sets, weight, power, and workout time. And it even lets you connect up to 9 different users to one KettlebellConnect.

The app also includes workout videos to take the guesswork out of your exercise.

The JAXJOX KettlebellConnect sells for $349 and is available now from the JAXJOX website.


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