A lot of people who enjoy playing guitar for fun and profit don’t just own one instrument. They are always seeking something new, better and different. The problem is that owning multiple guitars takes a lot of money to buy them and a lot of space to store them. Somnium guitars look like they could… Read More

Fender, the iconic guitar manufacturer, has released an Android version of their Fender Tune guitar and bass tuner application. Larry talked about the iOS version of this app last summer, and now it’s available for free for Android devices. The app uses the mobile device’s microphone to listen to a plucked string’s pitch and then… Read More

We like to cover IK Multimedia products because they consistently offer powerful tech music accessories that are fun and easy to use. Today they announced the iRig HD 2 pro-quality digital guitar and bass interface for iOS. The iRig HD 2 features 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion and 96kHz sample rate. The device connects directly to your… Read More

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play guitar or even if you already know how to play, the Zivix jamstik+ is 6-string MIDI guitar controller that connects via Bluetooth to your iOS device or Mac. It’s an ultra portable instrument that doesn’t require nearly as much storage space as a traditionally sized guitar and since it’s… Read More

Musicians who play electric guitar now have an alternative case option for their instruments that will not only protect them, but will prevent the need to stoop and squat to remove the instrument from the case. Most guitar cases require you to lay the case on a flat surface to remove them, but the Mono… Read More

We’ve probably all been in shops where a little bell tied to the door chimes to announce someone is coming in.  How would you like something similar, but more musical, to announce a door opening – maybe strumming a guitar?  Place a Guitdoorbell over a door, and the swinging of the door will move a mounted… Read More

I’ve purchased several guitar tuners over the years, but the D’Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner is the smallest clip on tuner that I’ve tried so far. It’s only 1.25 inches long and can clip on a wide variety of stringed instruments such as guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and more. Its adjustable ratchet clip and… Read More

The TronicalTune Cybertronic Tuning System tunes your guitar in seconds with a push of a button and a strum of the strings. The system consists of a miniaturized low profile micro-controller and six motorized tuning pegs that installs on the back of a guitar’s headstock (replacing the existing tuning pegs) in about 10 minutes without the need… Read More

The gTar was a successfully funded Kickstarter project by California based Incident Technologies, which raised over $350,000 in June of 2012. This is a digital MIDI instrument that feels like a real electric guitar. It features a solid basswood body and a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours. It can be played through headphones, an… Read More

Travel guitars that I’ve seen don’t look much like a regular acoustic guitar.  The ones I’ve seen tend to be narrow, stick-like instruments.  I’m not a musician, but it seems to me that the smaller body would negatively impact the sound produced by the guitar.  I don’t know what the shortcomings of the Voyage-Air travel… Read More

In order to master the guitar, you need to practice… a LOT. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is very true, so today I wanted to show all of you wannabe shredders a tool that you can take with you so you can practice ANYWHERE. Guitars aren’t small, so having one with you all the… Read More

Guitar tuners, what can I say about them? They come in various shapes and sizes. They are digital and analogue. They have inline and audio versions. But what I can say about me and guitar tuners is, I can never find one when I need one. The Pitchclip from Korg helps solve that issue. Korg… Read More

Bob Marley, Roy Orbison and Chet Adkins would probably turn over in their graves if they could see these new Gibson Min-ETune guitars. Affixed to the back of the headstock is a battery-powered robot tuner that can accurately tune all six strings simultaneously to standard tuning in a matter of seconds. Just press the button… Read More

Vibration speakers are unique because they turn ordinary objects like a table or a box into a speaker with full sound. The Yaba X is an ultra portable vibration speaker from PLX Devices that has already achieved full funding through Kickstarter. The pocket-sized Yaba is made of cast zinc and is going to be available… Read More

The Korg Headtune tuner takes all the mystery out of tuning guitar, ukulele and basses, so new players can concentrate on learning to play music instead of figuring out how to keep their instrument in tune. Shaped like the headstock of a guitar, bass or ukulele, the tuner clips on and has an easy to understand… Read More