Here’s the most unique guitar accessory that you’ve ever seen!

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NEWS – When was the last time you thought it would be cool to play your guitar like a violin or a cello? How about never right? Well now that I’ve put that idea in your head, you’ll be interested in knowing that the Pickaso Bow will give you a new way to play your guitar. The Pickaso Bow is a small bow that is designed to fit between the strings of your guitar to allow you to play one string or two strings at a time. It’s made of aluminum and synthetic bow hair. The handle of the bow even has a pick. You can buy one directly from starting at $79.99 and find cheaper versions on Amazon for a third of the price. Check out the video below to see what it sounds like.

pickaso bow 2

15 thoughts on “Here’s the most unique guitar accessory that you’ve ever seen!”

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  2. That is really cool I always wanted to play the violin or cello I’m a guitar player I want to get one

  3. Interesting – I’ve seen a few electric guitarists use a violin bow, but this makes more sense (as long as you don’t want to play long notes). I have synthetic hair on some of my violin bows and it works well without deteriorating over time. As I expected, looking on their site you do need to rosin the hair, as that is what grips the strings – also they note it doesn’t work if you have coated strings because they are too slippery to get a grip.

  4. They do give specific instructions to wipe off strings after playing and to periodically use a string lubricant. You would also probably get rosin dust falling into the open hole under the strings.

  5. Hmmm… It’s be cool if I could mount it between my middle & ring finger… freeing up my thumb & fingers to fingerpick along with it.

  6. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to use this product. I started out with a medium-light set of strings and then after a few experiments switched to light strings with the same experiments then end up with the same result. I used varying amounts of rosin on the little bow, looked up how much rosin violinists put on their bow because the instructions the manufacturer supplies have no actual detail on the application of rosin. I tried a little, I tried a lot, I tried a little in between the two wiping down in the strings, ETC and all I got was a scratchy inconsistent sound. It was really hard to pull the bow back and forth smoothly no matter how much or how little rosin I had on it. They give no actual detail in how to use their product as far as I can find at this point.

    1. Give Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin a call as I saw him using a violin bow on his Les Paul , instead of playing the usual guitar solo.
      This was around 74 /75 I think.
      Not a great sound imo, but very theatrical.

      1. I figure there’s a “proof-of-concept” for this, in the context of ” over-the-top” guitar solos. (” – see a Mr.James Page’s bowed-guitar party-piece, circa 1967-8,
        whether as a Yardbird or while adrift aboard a frequently lugubrious Led Zepplen.” )

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