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It’s that time of year again; the days are longer, nights are warmer, and the nature is calling. Like many of you, I enjoy spending time outside as Summer approaches. For me, a beautiful day outdoors isn’t complete without something playing in the background. Almost a year ago I reviewed the Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush Bluetooth… Read More

Outdoor party season is fast approaching, folks! At my house, that means it’s time to fire up the grill, dust off the patio furniture, put the drinks on ice, and fire up the tunes. To help in the music department I’m testing the Tronsmart Element T2, an outdoor water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, to see how its… Read More

It’s tax time! If you’re due for a fat refund and are a fan of design who also appreciates fine audio, grab that refund check and check out the new Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless concrete speaker. Yes, you read that right … concrete. You’re not going to be carting this 35 lb. monster around like… Read More

When you think furniture quality bamboo you probably don’t think Bluetooth speakers, but with the A320 Bluetooth speaker from Archeer that’s exactly what you get. The body of this speaker is actually made of bamboo, giving it a very unique and rich look. Add to that a skin – friendly rewind fabric material and you… Read More

Swedish company Urbanears, who are known for their colorful headphones and earphones, have just launched a new line of equally colorful Connected Speakers. The speakers are available in six colors and two sizes that have been named Baggen and Stammen. Baggen is the larger speaker and Stammen is the smaller one. Both models feature multiple… Read More

Grace Digital must have adopted the slogan, “Go big or go home,” because the EcoBoulder Waterproof Bluetooth speaker from their ECOXGEAR speaker line is, well—B.I.G. This thing is huge—and heavy. The EcoBoulder comes with a retractable handle and wheels. From a distance, it could easily be mistaken for a small travel suitcase. It also doubles… Read More

The Amazon Echo Dot has an internal speaker that can be used to listen to your favorite music, but the Echo Dot’s built-in speaker isn’t powerful enough to fill a large room with music. Connecting a pair of Jabee’s beatBOX MINI TWS speakers can help fill the room with stereo sound. That’s right, the Jabee’s… Read More

I’ve always had a soft spot for Fugoo speakers. Their rugged build, good sound and incredible battery life won me over. However, the original Fugoo speaker and newer XL version are a bit on the expensive side and anyone on a restrictive budget would be hard-pressed to justify buying a Fugoo speaker no matter how… Read More

When people choose speakers, they often think size and price should dictate what’s best. That kind of thinking is false. The most important factor in buying a speaker is, “How is it going to be used?” When I reviewed the Audioengine HD6 wireless speakers, I said that “Once again, Audioengine has made a pair of speakers that… Read More

Bluetooth speakers outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore, it seems. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t see a review of a new model on some website, especially in what has ecumenically been called “The Gift-Giving Season.” /eye roll/ During this period, iClever just released a few new models, and I was… Read More

You can’t exactly call Pyle’s new Sing and Groove speaker portable, but since it comes with wheels and a retractable handle, you can call it transportable. The Sing and Groove looks like any suitcase you might see rolling all through airports. But this ain’t no suitcase. The Sing and Groove is a 300 watt speaker powerhouse with… Read More

It could be argued that the Jawbone Jambox started the portable speaker craze. But did you know that the science and engineering behind Jambox’s success came from Soundmatters—a small audio company begun by a NASA engineer? It’s true. The late Dr. Godehard Guenther developed the Soundmatters FoxL speaker, the predecessor to so many speakers we… Read More

If you’ve owned any of Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar Bluetooth speakers, you know that they put out amazing sound for their size and their price. However, the latest iRoar version is not the bargain the earlier Roar speakers are. It’s use of premium materials and upgraded audio has placed it on another level—right up there… Read More

I stopped trying to keep up with Braven ages ago. Just when you think this prolific portable speaker company couldn’t come up with any more speakers—Wham! They deliver a completely new line of speakers. I’m surprised, but I shouldn’t be. Lately, Braven has been concentrating on the outdoor market by offering tough and waterproof, yet… Read More

Anything that the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can do, FABRIQ can do too. FABRIQ is a standalone Bluetooth speaker that comes in three eye-catching colors. The speaker is Wifi enabled for multi-room streaming, offers 5 hours of play time per charge and has Alexa-enabled features. When you tap the mic button, you can ask… Read More