Forget about streaming, I want this analog radio that does it all!

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NEWS – My teenage self is drooling over this tiny analog radio. I remember slowly turning the tuning dial of my handheld battery-powered radio under the covers, trying to tune in to foreign stations when I was supposed to be sleeping. Why would I want an analog radio when I can stream any song that I want from my phone? Let me count the reasons why the HanRongDa HDR700 radio looks retro awesome.

  • FM radio
  • Short wave radio
  • Weather radio with NOAA alerts
  • Backlit dial
  • Sleep timer
  • Rechargeable
  • Can be used as a Bluetooth speaker
  • microSD card allows you to turn it into an MP3 player

Want one? Head over to Amazon where it’s currently only $36.99 (there’s a 10% off coupon right now too). Hat tip to my sister who sent me the link this morning when she saw this and thought of me.

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13 thoughts on “Forget about streaming, I want this analog radio that does it all!”

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  2. Returned it. This radio seems like kid’s idea. Meaning, it seems like a collection of features that are just thrown together, but aren’t really well planned. First off, the ad suggested you could use this for “mowing”. I’m not even sure what they mean. If they’re suggesting that you could listen to this while mowing the lawn, that’s a joke! There is no earphone jack on this. I guess if you duct taped it to the side of your head, you could hear the speaker in one ear. Sounds like something a kid would try. Then it has a rotary analog-style tuning control to LOOK cool, but it uses DSP tuning. It would be logical to use small buttons for the tuner, but it wouldn’t LOOK as cool, and that’s important ti kids. To quote my wife, “When I say that thing is small, that’s beyond an understatement.” This radio is smaller than a deck of cards. That could be one of the pros, if there was an earphone jack. It does get shortwave, but shortwave reception requires a LONG antenna. So how does that work with this pocket radio? Do you walk down the street hoisting a 20 foot wire on a pole? It receives Bluetooth. What’s the point? Generally, you transmit Bluetooth to an output device that can produce louder sound that the source device. Like sending your music from your phone to a larger speaker. Who wants to Bluetooth to a tiny pocket radio with no earphones? Weird.
    This radio is not terrible, it’s just a weird collection of ideas that don’t seem well executed to me. I feel like somewhere in China, a couple of 14 year old boys are doubled over in laughter at all the Americans buying their joke radio. Ha ha! You got me, boys! Retuned!

  3. C. Crane, at is a reliable source of well made radios. I have no attachment to the company but have known about ’em for years and bought a couple of analog radios from them. Good stuff.

      1. Got this one. “Warm tip” (as many non-English sellers seem to say): while it will power on while connected to a USB-C charger it does NOT work to pick up any radio signals while plugged in, with or without battery. Also the battery is shipped not installed so find it and put in before charging ;-0

        It does pick up my local NOAA weather station, which is nice.

          1. Probably. I’m not in a high risk weather area but with so much reliance on cell data/wifi for all my info now it’s handy for a go bag along with a portable charger.

  4. Bought it. Was going to return it. Decided to keep it. It is a cute little radio. Picks up stations better than my Sony clock radio. Great sound even without my hearing aids. I like the small size, fits anywhere. The station indicator line does not line up with the actual station location numbers. Right now it is in my bathroom.

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