Throwback Speaker with Bluetooth & Radio – literally, that’s its name

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throwback speaker bluetooth radio 01

NEWS – With the TinyTV 2 and this Throwback Speaker with Bluetooth & Radio, I guess this week is a throwback week for me. I found this throwback speaker on the Uncommon Goods website, but it has modern touches, like Bluetooth. Two versions are available: one is wireless and one has a power plug. It’s made of real ash wood, measures 10″L x 6.5″W x 11″H, and has working knobs for the volume or tuning in your favorite AM/FM station. You can switch to Bluetooth with the touch of a button and it has an AUX audio connection (unlike other portable speakers that are missing this feature) so you can also play music from other devices that don’t have Bluetooth. There are a lot of retro-style Bluetooth speakers available on Amazon, but I rather like the style of this one. Where can you get this gem? The Throwback Speaker with Bluetooth & Radio is available on the Uncommon Goods website for $90, and the radio is on Amazon for slightly less.

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