The BEST things come in small packages – like TinyTV 2!

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tinycircuits tinytv2 01

NEWS – Oh my gosh! It’s a teeny tiny TV!! When I saw TinyCircuits TinyTV 2, I was captivated. Guess what? This itty bitty TV works!! It comes preloaded with videos, has its own little remote control, and front-facing speaker, and will work for two hours on one charge of the LiPo (lithium polymer) battery. The little knobs work for channel and volume control too!! You can even install up to 8GB of your own videos using USB. This diminutive TV has a 1.14″ 65K color display that shows videos with crisp detail.

How do you get your videos onto the TinyTV? According to the Grommet website, “We have a video converter program that can convert standard video files into a format that will work on the TinyTV 2. After converting, plug your TinyTV 2 into your computer with USB and copy these onto the TinyTV 2 and watch!”

Do you know someone who’d love this? Maybe you (hehe) or your daughter with a doll house? You can get TinyCircuits TinyTV 2 from the Grommet for $59.95. Be sure to to hit the “Upvote” button to get 20% off making this little guy $47.96. Or you can try Amazon where it is available for $59.95.

Check out the video of the TinyTV 2 in action:

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