New Soundboks 4 Speaker – Loud, proud and “Turn that d**n thing down!”

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NEWS – 2 years ago, I reviewed the extremely loud SOUNDBOKS (Gen 3) speaker. In conclusion, I said, “. . . you can deliver 126 decibels of “Turn that down or I’m calling the cops”. It was—and still is—one bada*s speaker. Of course, a company that would unashamedly make such a speaker is going to do a follow-up. And they did. Introducing the SOUNDBOKS 4 speaker (they dropped the Gen stuff), featuring an upgrade to sound quality at any volume along with 20% longer battery life.

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“We are thrilled to introduce the SOUNDBOKS 4 to our community and music enthusiasts worldwide,” said Jesper Theil Thomsen, Co-Founder and CEO at SOUNDBOKS. “This new iteration of our premium speaker exemplifies our commitment to delivering the ultimate audio experience. The SOUNDBOKS 4 is the perfect companion for those who crave powerful, immersive sound that fuels their passion.”

  • Extreme durability and customizable design, now with an easily detachable steel grill
  • Powerful and efficient amplifiers driving custom-built speaker drivers
  • Tuned audio profile ensuring well-balanced sonics across all frequencies
  • 126 dB max volume
  • IP65 water and dust-proof rating
  • 40 hours of playing (at mid-volume) or 6 hours of playing (at max-volume)
  • ProPanel for cabled connections (XLR, TRS, Aux In/Out)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless SKAA technology
  • Easily swappable battery

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SOUNDBOKS 4 will retail at $999 and is now available for purchase via the SOUNDBOKS website and select retail partners. For more information about the product and its features, please visit

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Look for a review of the SOUNDBOKS 4 soon here at The Gadgeteer. 

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