Bluetooth headphones

These Mpow Bluetooth headphones are a decent, moderately priced option for people who prefer traditional over-the-ear headphones versus earbuds. They are stylish, portable and offer the choice of a wired connection as well as Bluetooth. In the box: Mpow Bluetooth Headset 3.5mm Audio Cable USB Charging Cable Packing Bag User Manual Specifications: Bluetooth Version: 4.0 Range… Read More

I love my MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones and because of them, Bluetooth earbuds are all I use. I no longer wish to deal with wired earphones. And I’ve found that I like having earbuds over other types of headphones (on-ear or over-the-ear) because they are small and portable, don’t leak sound so as to… Read More

It feels like ages ago when the iPhone 7 was officially announced, putting to rest the rumors on whether or not it would do away with that ubiquitous feature that graces almost every mobile device… the headphone jack. In classic Apple fashion, their self-described bold move was backed by a new wireless audio technology that… Read More

I’ve owned many sets of headphones in my day: Over-the-Ear, On-Ear, Earbuds, Earhook, you name it. But I am a huge fan of the Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones. They’re my go-to set for when I’m on the run. Why is that? They’re waterproof (IPX-7 rating), noise-canceling, Bluetooth 4.1, HD stereo earbuds with very… Read More

Welcome to the next chapter in my ongoing quest to find a pair of Bluetooth headphones that I can use while working out. I’ve tried a few pairs of wired Bluetooth earbuds with limited success, but for a while now, I’ve had my eye on the latest version, the completely wireless style. The QCY Q29… Read More

Several months back, in August 2016, I reviewed the Optoma NuForce BE6 Bluetooth wireless headphones. Not long after that review was posted here, Julie let me know that Optoma had already released an updated version of the NuForce BE6, called the  NuForce BE6i. Overall I’d been happy with the NuForce BE6, with the exception of some issues… Read More

In midst of my last headphone review, I upgraded to the iPhone 7, which removed the 3.5 mm port. Sure, they sent an adapter to use and it worked great for finishing the review, but I realized pretty quickly that I needed to start looking into the wireless direction. Thankfully, JLab must have heard my… Read More

Now that the smartphone has pretty much conquered the world, I guess it’s time that we upgrade everything else to “smart” status: our homes, appliances, cars, and our headphones. Yep. It’s time for smart headphones. Muzik One is the “smartphone of headphones” according to the Muzik website. It has a touch control panel to pause… Read More

Everyone seems to be jumping on the wireless headphone bandwagon, including premium audio company, Master & Dynamic. Their new MW50 Wireless on-ear headphone is their second wireless model, closely following the successful over-ear MW60. The MW50 Wireless on-ear headphones use some of the same materials as other Master & Dynamic headphones: Stainless steel, leather and… Read More

Now that I’m considering switching to an iPhone 7 Plus, my quest to find the ultimate pair of wireless earbuds is really heating up and the latest pair that I’ve been testing are the Epic2 Bluetooth wireless sport earbuds from JLab. Yay or nay? Let’s find out? What is it? The JLab Epic2 Bluetooth earbuds… Read More

Last year, Bowers & Wilkins stepped into the future with their on ear P5 Wireless headphone. In my review, I said … “the fact that Bowers & Wilkins makes the P5 sound as good as it does when wireless is a wonderful bonus.” That bonus has been expanded to include the over ear B&W P7 Wireless… Read More

The D900s is the newest version of the D900 wireless earbuds from Syllable so let’s check out the new upgrades made to them. If you haven’t read my review of the previous version, check out my Syllable D900 review. But if you want to jump right in to the D900s review,  then let’s move on. The… Read More

  Let’s face it, the days of wired headphones are numbered. With the iPhone 7 and other phone makers following suit, most people will be switching to Bluetooth headphones and earbuds to enjoy their tunes. The Helix Cuff allows you to keep a pair of wireless headphones with you at all times by placing them… Read More

Bluetooth headphones: There are a ton of them out there, right? Why review another one? Because we’re The Gadgeteer, and that’s what we do. I’d been on the hunt for a good set of wireless headphones for a while, so I was excited about Julie’s offer to review one of the newer products in this… Read More

When listening to music or watching a movie on a device, I crave great sound and comfort out of my headphones. Since these two criteria are often quite subjective, it would seem that what works for one person, may not for another which seems to be the challenge of producing headphones that are within a… Read More