Earlier this year I reviewed several iPhone cases from Burkley leathers. Both were very well done…handcrafted from full grain leather and perfectly fitted for my iPhone. In similar fashion, Burkley has created a Smart Folio cover for Apple’s recently released 10.5″ iPad Pro, also handcrafted with old world style and nicely fitted for the iPad… Read More

When I opened the box, the smell immediately hit me.  That smell of well-tanned leather.  You know the smell.  You hold it up to your nose and leave it there for awhile.  Yeah, it was like that when I opened the box on the Mr. Lentz leather briefcase.  I have had ‘genuine leather’ goods my… Read More

I’ve traveled extensively throughout my varied careers and learned a long time ago that if something is too large to be easily carried, it will ultimately be left behind for smaller versions. As a result, I’ve opted for the smallest, lightest weight devices I can lay my hands on, sometimes sacrificing higher quality. With balanced… Read More

About a year ago I reviewed my very first robot vacuum, the ILIFE A4. Although I found the vacuum had potential, it didn’t quite fit the needs of my family; there were just too many issues that I wasn’t able to overlook. ILIFE recently provided me with their upgraded model, the ILIFE A6. I’m hoping… Read More

You gotta love promotional videos for outdoor Bluetooth speakers. There always seems to be young, beautiful people in great shape running and laughing near water. Reality is more like an overweight guy (me) plopping himself down on Cocoa Beach and sweating in the humidity and heat while my beautiful wife complains that the music is… Read More

I recently switched to an iPhone 7 Plus which means I’ve been on the hunt for cases that will protect my expensive phone from scratches and falls, but aren’t overly bulky. I asked the folks at RhinoShield if they could send me one of their Crashguard Bumper cases because I am a minimal kinda girl. They… Read More

My home is located at the very end of the power company’s circuit. As a result, if anything anomalous happens upstream, our power goes out. Frustratingly, the houses across the street are on another substation circuit and we can see their lights and flickering television screens while we sit by flashlight or candle light, hoping… Read More

Consumers’ personal preference and manufacturers’ desire to offer differentiated products has lead to an assortment of earphone styles: earbuds, in-ear headphones, in-ear-canal headphones, etc. If the different ways earphones are connected to the audio source or supported by the body are considered then the list stacks multiplicatively. So when V-MODA recently announced the Forza Metallo Wireless as… Read More

Do you want to upgrade your home theater to a 4K TV, but don’t want to pay the price for all those extra pixels? The Hisense 65″ H8 series 4K smart TV is priced less than $900 which may cause some people to not take it seriously. Take it from me, it’s a really nice alternative… Read More

Our family has been a part of the cord cutting trend for about 15 years now. I’ve tried a handful of flat indoor HDTV antennas in the past and have struggled to find just the right position to try to receive all of the channels that we like to watch. Once that hurdle had been… Read More

BONX Grip review

For the outdoor loving readers out there who are looking for a way to stay in touch without having to pull out your phone, the BONX Grip just may be the solution you have been looking for.  At first, I wasn’t quite sure how functional this would be for me because it seems to fill… Read More

This month, my Mrs. and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Not a small feat in this day and age. Neither of had previous marriages and we didn’t cohabitate before we tied the knot.  Archaic? Maybe, but it’s worked for us so far. We don’t have too many difficulties, despite having a mixed-race, multicultural… Read More

Over the past few years, our culture has experienced a quantum shift in the way we receive information and entertainment. For the most part, gone are the days when we waited breathlessly for the magic hour when our favorite television program would grace our flickering screens. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and a plethora of other on-demand… Read More

There are lots of cheap Bluetooth speakers out there that get the job done. Style does matter, however, and there are times when you also want something that also looks good. If that’s your thing, the Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker is worth your consideration. Not only does it look good, but it performs really well… Read More

Automating a home is fun – opening an app and adjusting the temperature in your house or turning on a light when you’re not at home is so useful and gives you such a sense of power. These are especially fun when you’ve left people at home – you know, just a little flicker of… Read More