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JetTalker Voice Recorder for the PalmPilot/Palm III/IIIx Review

Program Requirements: Device: Pilot 1000, 5000, PalmPilot Personal, PalmPilot Professional, Palm III, Palm IIIx 60 K free RAM DynaFirm has released a digital voice recorder solution for Palm OS devices called the JetTalker. The JetTalker is a clip on module that fits all current Palm OS devices except for the Palm V. The module uses …

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Casio E-15 Review

Instead of only introducing a new PSPC model with a color display, Casio has also just introduced a new black/white model called the E-15. This model has 16meg of RAM, a 16 level gray-scale display and a newly styled case. I’ve consistently liked Casio’s WindowsCE devices better than the others available and this new model …

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PDA Panache Palm V Custom Deluxe Stylus (P55) Review

The Palm V Custom Deluxe Stylus (P55) from PDA Panache is a replacement for the original plastic or metal/plastic styli that came with your Palm V. The P55 comes in either a silver chrome or black chrome finish. Both are durable electroplated finishes and look good in the Palm V stylus slots. I personally prefer …

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Fieldline Case Review

I’m very active, and love to be outdoors and hiking. Trouble is, I’m also a klutz. So when I recently inherited my husband’s original U.S. Robotics’ Pilot, finding a solid, rugged case that protects it, yet still fits my active lifestyle, became a top priority! I read all the reviews, even tried out a couple …

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Peel-It Case Review

Have you ever wanted to strap your PalmPilot or Palm III to your wrist? …..Neither have I. But I want to be fair. With the multitude of applications, consumer and commercial, being written for the Palm devices, eventually there will be some applications that would require a need for “hands free” Palm computing. And in …

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Curtis Leather Fliptop Case Review

The Curtis Leather Fliptop Case is a leather, flip-top, play-through case from Curtis (however, the inscription on the back of the case says “Calise'(r) Full Grain Genuine Leather”). I bought it from Micro Warehouse but it seemed to be gone from their catalog when I last checked (couple of minutes ago). Price: $19.95 plus Shipping …

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Devian Supreme Wallet Case Review

If you own a Palm III or PalmPilot with a Palm modem and have been looking for a case to accommodate both of them, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t many to choose from. Devian makes such a case called the Supreme Wallet Case (DVP8).  It’s a black leather play through case that is about …

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Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: by David Lection Last date revised: 03/25/99 Just when you thought handheld gaming was just about dead… Well Tiger Electronics didn’t think so, in fact the Tiger is hungry and it wants to eat Nintendo’s dinner in the up for grab handheld game market! Tiger has introduced the … Review Read More