PDA Panache Stylus Upgrade for the Tapwave Zodiac Review

Product Requirements:

Tapwave Zodiac1 or Zodiac2

Ever since the Tapwave Zodiac appeared on the PDA scene, users have had issues with the placement of its stylus and the fact that here is no silo to keep the stylus secure. Instead,
there are two pairs of rubber grips set into a deep groove on the Zodiac’s back. Depending on how one carries or uses the Zodiac, dropping and potentially losing the stylus can be a concern.

PDA Panache, has created a Zodiac Stylus Upgrade that not only improves upon the weight and tip of the original stylus, but also utilizes an optional tether to prevent the stylus from being dropped. This stylus is available in black, chrome with an orange tip or chrome with a black tip, I ordered a chrome with their original orange tip.

stylus panache zodiac1

As with all of PDA Panache’s styli, the bright orange tip is quite an improvement over the stock stylus. It is bright, large, and easy to see as it glides across the PDA’s screen. The Zodiac Stylus Upgrade weighs 0.4 ounces versus the 0.1 ounces of the original; so if you like a a bit more heft to your writing implements, you won’t be disappointed. The stylus is designed with finger grip ridges on its lower barrel and a reset pin under the end cap. The chrome version looks quite nice with the matte black of the Zodiac’s case.

One of the features that sets this stylus apart from any other aftermarket version available (at the time of this writing) is the tethering system, which if used can prevent loss or damage of the stylus.

The removable cap which hides the reset pin ends with an opening, so that the included black elastic tether can be attached.

stylus panache zodiac2
stylus panache zodiac3

Installation is simple, just unscrew the cap and thread the tether through the underside and out the hole – a brass crimp on the end of the cord will prevent the end from leaving the hole.

stylus panache zodiac4

Screwing the cap back onto the stylus reveals an item similar to what you would see at the post office – a secured writing instrument. To attach the tether to the Zodiac, you push its end through the wrist-strap hole on the back. You will most likely need to use a unbent paper clip to help feed the fat cord through the tight opening. A small knot should be tied to prevent the tether from separating from the Zodiac.

stylus panache zodiac5
stylus panache zodiac6

Once attached, you have a stylus system that looks like this…

stylus panache zodiac7

If you carry your Zodiac without a case, then the placement of the tether should not be a problem.

My only issue with the tether is that it originates from the left back side of the PDA, which makes the cord wrap around my hand a bit when I am using it. If you are left-handed (like Julie), then this will not be a problem. I suppose I should look at it as a trade off – no dropping or losing the stylus in trade for a tether that rubs against my hand as I write.

stylus panache zodiac8

The PDA Panache stylus is a big improvement over the original. For those of you that are nervous about dropping or losing your replacement stylus, then the
tether might be just what you need.

Price: $16.95, Available in black, chrome with an orange tip, or chrome with a black tip

Lifetime tip repair and satisfaction guarantee


Excellent upgrade to the stock, stylus adding both weight and an improved tip

Tethering system for prevention of drops or loss


If you are right handed, the tether may bug you when you are writing

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Product Information

Manufacturer:PDA Panache
  • Excellent upgrade to the stock, stylus adding both weight and an improved tip
  • Tethering system for prevention of drops or loss
  • If you are right handed, the tether may bug you when you are writing

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