Javoedge Stylograph Palm Zire 71 Stylus Review

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Product Requirements:
PalmOne Zire 71

If anyone out there owns a Zire 71, they know why a replacement stylus is pretty much a must. The stock stylus is nothing but a plastic stick, and it’s very flexible. Not only that, but it doesn’t even reset the PDA. In short, there is no upside to the stock stylus.

JAVOedge is a company similar to Proporta or Brando, in that they make PDA accessories. They make a line of replacement styli called the Stylograph. I was sent two different versions: a rubberized black version and a silver aluminum one that is not rubberized. I must commend JAVOedge now. They do use the common plastic retail packaging, however theirs is not melted together. Instead, it snaps apart very easily. This alone makes me already place JAVOedge very high, even without feeling their product yet.

These styli both have a few things in common. One, they are both weighty. In fact, they weigh about as much as 2-3 alkaline AA batteries. Two, their tops unscrew to reveal reset pins. Three, they have the JAVOedge insignia on them. Four, they have notches taken out of the shafts on the bottom. This makes an excellent grip. Five, they have a bright orange tip. The orange tip is superb. It feels like a hot knife through buttah when sliding across the screen. I have never used any premium styli that Julie or Judie review often, but I would bet this tip either meets or surpasses the quality of those styli. Whichever model you choose to complement your Zire, you will have a quality product!

Top to bottom: silver Stylograph, Black Stylograph, off-brand replacement stylus available on ebay, and the stock stylus.

Black Rubberized Model:

I will now focus on the black model especially. I will confess this is my favorite of the two. The rubberized surface makes gripping it so much easier. It slides into the stylus silo with a great click, but the rubber creates some resistance. Also, it is pretty hard to get out. I’m sure with time and wear, it will be easier. Don’t let this resistance keep you from buying it if you’re tempted, this is an excellent stylus.

Price: $11.95 from JAVOedge.com

Rubber makes it very easy to grip
Notches add to gripability
Reset pin built in
Weighty (may be a con for some, I happen to like weighty styli)

Resistance when going into the silo
Difficult to remove

Silver Non-rubberized model:

This version feels heavier to me. I don’t know why, but it just does. Like the black version, it does click when inserted in the silo, but there is noticeably less resistance. It is also easier to remove. The silver tone blends in perfectly with the silver of the Zire.

Price: $11.95 from JAVOedge.com

Silver blends in perfectly with Zire
Notches make it very easy to grip
Reset pin built in
Weighty (again some may not like this)



Product Information

  • Silver blends in perfectly with Zire
  • Notches make it very easy to grip
  • Reset pin built in
  • Price
  • Weighty (again some may not like this)
  • None

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  2. I think the JAVOedge stylus is a poor product and a waste of money. I recently purchased the JAVOedge stylus for my Zire 71 based on this review. I also bought the black one. When I first used it, I liked the weight and the tip. It also matches the unique contour of the Zire 71 almost as well as the original stylus. This is where the positive comments end. The first time I put it in the slot and removed it, some of the rubber coating came off, exposing the bare metal. OK, I can live with that. The next day I drop the stylus and the orange plastic tip snaps off. This makes precise control impossible although it can still be used in a pinch. The last straw was a few days later when I tried to remove it from the PDA and the threads on the section with the reset pin stripped leaving the barrel stuck in the slot. Now it’s junk. If you can find the plastic original stylus 3-pack made by Palm, buy a couple packages. They work just fine. In the rare instance that you need to reset the unit, use a paper clip. If you are stuck without a stylus sometime, try using one of those cheap Bic plastic disposable automatic pencils. Just be sure the lead is not exposed or use one that is out of lead. They actually work really well. Save you money – skip the JAVOedge.

  3. Harvey:

    I’m the author of the review. I’ve used the Stylograph since I reviewed the product, and I have had none of the problems you described. Some of the rubber has come off, but not enough to expose metal. You might want to contact them to arrange for a refund/replacement.

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