EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer review

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With all the mobile devices in our households lying around especially when they need charging, the availability of organizers to free up space on countertops or desktops is certainly attractive. This is very true for me – I thrive on having my stuff organized and easily accessible which also frees up valuable space around our house. Thus, when the Gadgeteer was offered the EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer for review, I was eager to give it a try. When it first arrived, I was surprised about how large it was but I managed to find space for it in our kitchen and after having spent some time using it, I found that it is a wonderful addition to my house and helps free up space, organize and charge our gadgets (I provided the charger), and store miscellaneous things that were previously lying around our kitchen.


Package Contents:

  • EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer
  • Hook and Loop ties (Velcro)

Design and Build Quality


The organizer actually reminds me of letter organizers. And as I stated earlier, the size of this organizer was a little surprising being over 10 inches long. The outer material is what EasyAcc calls “a premium synthetic leather” with white stitching all around, which I thought was attractive.


The top level of the organizer has three 1.38″ (3.5 cm) wide dividers available to contain a variety of devices. The divider toward the front of the organizer contains a hollowed out space for storing pens and pencils which is located on the left side as shown in the above photo. The smaller holes or cutouts along the bottom of the divider next to the pen/pencil area are available to accommodate the charging cords for your smaller devices. The two longer dividers toward the back of the organizer do not have any cutouts.


The above photo shows the left side of the organizer which is about 5.5 inches wide. As shown in the above photo, the organizer has three levels. The top level contains the dividers that are designed to hold your devices (or mail), the second or center level contains a hidden area that allows you to house your own multiport desktop charger and has an opening on the side of the organizer to accommodate charging cables, and the third or lowest level of the organizer is a drawer that stores any miscellaneous things that you might have lying around.


The right side of the organizer also has an opening in the center level to accommodate charging cables as shown above.


The back of the organizer has an opening in the center level as well to accommodate the power cord to a multiport desktop charger.


The levels of the organizer are easily separated because they are held in place by magnets. When the first level is removed, you can see the center level which is the area to hide your multiport desktop charger. This level has a little less space to house the charger because of the area boxed off to allow for holding pens and pencils (this is difficult to see in the photos since it is black on black). This inner section is covered in a velvet-like material.


The bottom level of the organizer contains the drawer which is shown in the photo above to the right. This too attaches to the middle level with magnets and is lined with the same velvet-like material.


The above photo was taken to illustrate the placement of the magnets which are located on corners of the bottom of each level (in this case, we are looking at the bottom of top level). If you look closely, you can see the impression of four small rectangular magnets covered by the synthetic leather located at the four corners of the shelf.


The bottom level contains the drawer and when the drawer is removed, you can see the material that the organizer is made out of which looked to me like thick, dense cardboard.



My five-port desktop charger barely fit in the second level of the organizer especially with the all of the power cables all folded up inside it; but I did manage to get them all to fit. Placing all of the charging paraphernalia in this second level was the most difficult part of using this organizer (and it really wasn’t that difficult).


I then replaced the top level of the organizer, making sure that all of the charging cables and the power cord to the desktop charger were all properly placed through the provided openings.


I was pleased with the placement of the openings that accommodated the cables.


The above photo illustrates just how well all of our devices and pens fit into the organizer.


I used the bottom level to hold my large portable Anker battery, my USB multimeter, and any miscellaneous notes and notepads.


I have really found the EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer to be attractive and quite useful. It frees up space on the countertop in my kitchen, provides a hidden space for a desktop charger (not included with the product) to charge multiple devices and stores those devices neatly, as well as stores miscellaneous notes, pens and pencils neatly and keeps all these things easily available when we need them. It is rather large; however, if you have the space and want to tidy things up on your desk, in your kitchen, or other places I highly recommend it.

Updates 08/08/16

I’ve used this organizer for just a short time now, but already it is a favorite “gadget” of mine. I placed it in my kitchen which is centrally located in my house so that if I need to plug in my phone for a quick charge using the Tronsmart 5-Port Quick Charge 2.0 Desktop USB Charger (UC5F) hidden in the bottom compartment of the organizer, I can. I also store all of my gadgets here overnight to charge them.

Source: The sampled used in this review was provided by EasyAcc. Please visit their website for more information and Amazon to price check / order.


Product Information

  • You need your own multi-port desktop charger
  • Frees up space on flat surfaces by organizing your devices while they charge
  • Provides hidden area to store your multi-port desktop charger
  • Openings that accommodate the cables are well placed
  • Provides storage space for notes/note pads and pens/pencils
  • The organizer is large

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  2. The product is no longer available on Amazon. Was it pulled, due to the recent review from the MacBook user? Is it being redesigned to support more weight?

  3. I’m not sure I would mention “large” as a con. I think that is more of a “fits your needs” situation. Someone with several tablets wouldn’t consider this large, it would be just right.

    It’s a nice looking device, but kinda makes me think some marketing person was looking though overstock and saw thousands of unsold mail organizers and thought. EUREKA! Still I’m pretty sure My SO would love if I got this, my messy desk is his pet peeve.

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