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Everyone has devices of some sort today. Whether it’s the shipping crew in your warehouse or the executive team meeting in the boardroom, they all have phones, tablets, and wireless earbuds that frequently need a power bump during the day. Students hover around outlets between classes and in the cafeteria. I was at a baseball… Read More

One of the perks about going back to the iPhone is the huge world of Apple-centric accessories. Julie and I both looked awhile for a USB-C dock for our Nexus 6p‘s and failed to find one that was even halfway worthy. But thankfully there are many charging stands and holders created specifically for iOS devices. In… Read More

Are you a neat freak or a neat freak wannabe who has multiple devices that need to be charged? Multiple devices mean multiple charging adapters and cables which can leave desks or tables looking cluttered and messy. A solution is a charging station and if you’re in the market for one, you should check out… Read More

With all the mobile devices in our households lying around especially when they need charging, the availability of organizers to free up space on countertops or desktops is certainly attractive. This is very true for me – I thrive on having my stuff organized and easily accessible which also frees up valuable space around our… Read More

The World of Warcraft movie from Blizzard Entertainment is slated for release on June 10, 2016 and to start the branded merchandising wave off with a splash,  Swordfish Tech is offering WOW inspired tech accessories for pre-order. You can choose between the Alliance or the Horde with accessories that feature the iconic characters and weapons… Read More

How many devices do you own that require charging via a USB cable? As you can probably imagine, I can’t even count all the devices that I have at my house. We have charging cables in the kitchen, cables in the bedroom and cables in the Gadgeteer HQ office. There has to a tidier and easier… Read More

Until now, the only iPhone dock that I’ve ever used was attached to an alarm clock. Simple iPhone docks have intrigued me, but I had yet to try one and see if they were useful. The number one reason I never picked one up was due to the myriad of cases I enjoy using, since… Read More

Beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Not necessarily intuitive. Expensive. Does that combination sound familiar, Apple fans? Read on for a review of the Spool Dock, from Quell & Company, a charging dock for iPhones that adds a touch of class to your desk or nightstand.  Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Spool Dock… Read More

Why didn’t I think of this before:  A charger that doubles as a dock?  Or a dock that doubles as a charger?  Which is it? The EasyAcc 2-port USB charging dock is simply your typical USB charger but with two slots cut out to rest your tablet or smartphone.  It comes with a microUSB cable… Read More

For the first time in quite a while, Apple is offering a phone dock.  The white plastic iPhone Lightning Dock works with iPhone 5 and newer and with iPod touch 5th generation.  It’s even compatible with all Apple cases for these devices.  You’ll need to use the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone or iPod… Read More

This little stoneware pot is actually a charging dock that works with a variety of phones, including iPhone, Galaxy Note, Motorola Droid, and many more.   In addition to the dock, the Large Phone Dock also has a couple of little compartments that can be used for desk accessories.  You could put paper clips in the… Read More

It’s not Qi, but the juice pack dock from mophie does charge your iPhone and its juice pack battery case without plugging in a cable.  Just drop the iPhone (wearing its juice pack) into the dock, and the pins in the bottom of the dock mate up with charging points on the bottom of the… Read More

The release date hasn’t even been announced for the Apple Watch yet, but Standzout has announced a charging dock for the watches.  The Bandstand Apple Watch Dock will incorporate the watch’s inductive charger, so your watch will charge as sits in the stand.  The Bandstand has a pivoting platform for the watch so you can… Read More

The TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger that Dave reviewed earlier this year is still my favorite Qi charger. I ended up buying one after reading his review and have been happily using it with my LG G3 on my night stand next to my bed every night. I’m happy to report that TYLT has just announced… Read More

WedgeDock, an Etsy shop, is offering a custom-made wood dock for the new iPhone 6 Plus.  Each dock is individually handmade in their small workshop in the USA.  It’s cut from a solid block of mahogany, and it has a no-tip design.  It works with the bulkiest cases, and it tips the iPhone slightly forward… Read More