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Beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Not necessarily intuitive. Expensive. Does that combination sound familiar, Apple fans? Read on for a review of the Spool Dock, from Quell & Company, a charging dock for iPhones that adds a touch of class to your desk or nightstand.  Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Spool Dock… Read More

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On July 1, 2015, New Hampshire became the fifteenth state to adopt a hands-free law that prohibits the use of hand-held electronic devices unless they are supported by a Bluetooth or other hands-free technology. Now, it’s hard to buy a car today without Bluetooth support, but what if you have an older car? Sure, waiting… Read More

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If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you never worry about dropping a call while driving, read no further! Otherwise, you might well be interested in the Sleek 4G cellular signal booster, formerly from Wilson Electronics. Both the company and the product have recently been rebranded, so the product is now called… Read More

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What do you imagine a “smartphone hub” for your home would do? For some reason, I thought it would integrate my smartphone and landline in some way to make it easier to use both throughout my house. I was pretty excited about that concept when I asked to review the Renny Home product. Let me… Read More

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My overflowing drawer of semi-obsolete computer parts and cables contains a number of hard drives from old computers. I hold on to them partly to keep any personal data under my control, but also because “you never know” when I might need to recover that data, or maybe even find a way to repurpose an old hard… Read More

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Okay, I just recently declared the Bolse 5-port USB desktop charger my favorite gadget of 2014. Now along comes the Truffol Station 5 with very similar functionality wrapped in a handsome wood exterior. It could look great on my nightstand! Can a pretty face lure me away from last year’s true love? Let’s take a look. … Read More

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Your choice of the best smartphone for you is a very personal one. Just as personal, and almost as difficult, is your decision of how to protect it. Cases and screen protectors can coddle your baby in rugged armor, can show off your personality, or can be very minimal. Lately, I’ve swung toward the minimalist… Read More

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I hate keys. They get lost, freeze up, fall on the ground, take up space in my pocket, and scratch things like my smartphone. And, now that my car has keyless entry and ignition, I even get annoyed at cars that require me to dig in my pocket and take out the keys. Such a hassle… Read More

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Vector cupholder review

Stylish, clever and practical. If a gadget covers those three adjectives, it’s got a chance for success. And those are the words that first come to mind for the Vector cupholder that I was fortunate to get my hands on. If you want to reduce your worry level about spilling a drink on your keyboard… Read More

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Be careful what you wish for…! I volunteered to check out a new line of LED dimmable household bulbs from OSRAM SYLVANIA, wondering at the time where I would test them. Almost immediately, light bulbs that had lasted fifteen years began to burn out all over the house! I no longer had to worry about… Read More

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I take good care of most of my tools and equipment, but my garden hose is an exception. I think it’s because we share a mutual dislike. The hose kinks when I uncoil it, then tangles and resists when I try to put it back neatly. And the connections between hoses and nozzles always manage… Read More

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For those of us old enough to have noticed, it’s amazing how quickly phones have transitioned from stationary devices to portable toys for the rich-and-famous to in-case-of-emergency gear to essential, inseparable extensions of ourselves. Along with that dependency, we’ve developed a primal fear of, running down our life-giving phone batteries. One of the many companies providing… Read More

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I can work anywhere, as long as I have my laptop computer. Sure, with cloud access I can manage pretty well with just a smartphone – and even better with a tablet – but the laptop still makes it much easier to work and store or access everything I need. Therefore, I rarely travel very… Read More

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Do you frequently misplace your keys in your house or apartment? Share your keys with others in your household and need a common access point? Like to dump your keys as soon as you come in so they’ll be accessible when you leave? Leave outgoing mail near the door so you don’t forget to post… Read More

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I decided that I would write this review with the product I’m reviewing, the Microsoft All-in-One Media keyboard, and I’ll tell you right from the start that it is likely the last thing that I’ll type with this keyboard. After several weeks of cramped typing at my desk, I’m really looking forward to getting back… Read More

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