Azpen DockAll D108 wireless docking station review

There are so many QI wireless chargers and Bluetooth docks available to consumers today, that manufacturers must provide well built, feature-packed devices to appeal to customers, and to win the battle to be the device of choice. Let’s see how this one “stands up”.

What is it?

The Azpen DockAll wireless docking station is a QI wireless fast charging dock with Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free phone capability.

What’s in the box

In the box, you will find the dock, the manual, the AC adapter,  and the warranty card.

Design and features

This Azpen dock is a well-built dock, with a good solid feel to it, and very nice features. When you first turn on the dock, there is a voice announcement that confirms that it is in Bluetooth mode and ready to be paired. Pairing is very simple. The dock appears as “DOCK ALL” in your Bluetooth settings, and once selected, it pairs immediately.

On the back of the dock, there are 2 USB charging ports that allow you to charge two devices in addition to the QI wireless charging capability. To the right of the USB charging ports, there is a micro SD port that allows you to insert a micro SD card as large as 64GB  with the music of your choice, and the dock will automatically play the music. The music controls on the front of the dock work for music played from the SD card as well. To the right of the micro SD slot, there is the power jack and to the right of the jack, there is the power button. There are air vents on both ends of the back of the dock.

On each side of the dock, there is a really nice sounding speaker. Together, the 2 speakers sound well-balanced and are loud enough to easily fill a 200 square foot room.

On the lower front of the dock, there are the controls for the music and sound, including volume up and down, track forward and backward, play/pause, the microphone, and the phone handsfree control.

When your phone is connected to the dock via Bluetooth, the handsfree function can be used for phone calls. When the phone or tablet is properly docked, there is a blue LED along the lower front of the dock that confirms the proper connection to the QI wireless charging pad. The ledge that the phone rests on is wide enough and deep enough to even accommodate a full-sized tablet.

What I like

I really like the build quality of this dock, and the sound it produces both for music and for phone calls. Its ability to play music from a micro SD card is a real bonus. The additional features of the charging ports work really well, along with the easy Bluetooth connectivity.

What can be improved

The only issue I encountered with this dock is that several times when I disconnected from the Bluetooth connection, it would randomly reconnect and my music or conversations would then be played via the dock, sometimes even when I was in another room. I am not sure whether the dock or my smartphone is to blame for this, but maybe a Bluetooth on/off button would be a good addition.

Final thoughts

The Azpen DockAll wireless docking station does enough of what it is designed to do well enough, that it is a good choice for an all-in-one solution of this kind. Its functions work well and with ease, and it seems like it would stand up to normal “wear and tear” for years to come. While its longevity is still to be determined, it now has a permanent place on the counter in my kitchen where my wife uses it to listen to music from her phone and to carry on her normal phone conversations while free to move around, because of the very capable handsfree function.

Price: $99.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: Sample for this review provided by Azpen Innovation

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2 thoughts on “Azpen DockAll D108 wireless docking station review”

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  2. So I’ve had one of these (at Sams Club) since I got my iPhone X last year. Overall, its not bad, but it has a couple of flaws.

    The blue light that shows you’re properly docked, is pretty bright, and with it on a night stand, its right at eye level. There is no adjustment for the brightness. I have mine 90% covered with black electrical tape- its that annoying.

    It is very particular in positioning for wireless charging. I use my positioned vertically and if it’s off by .5″, that charging can stop or be intermittent. Very annoying.

    The unit’s Bluetooth likes to take over. I work from home and have many BT devices. I need to turn the DockAll off each morning. Its the only way I can make it play nice with all my other devices.

    When you first power the unit on, it says in a loud voice- ‘entering Bluetooth mode’. That’s really overkill.

    I like the unit, but I’m at the point were I’m going to find another home for it and use a desktop charging stand like this one- ( with an older Bluetooth speaker that I have.

  3. Hi Scott,
    I completely agree with you about the Bluetooth taking over. I too had to get used to turning the dock off, or disconnecting it from within my phone settings.
    I have not experienced the issue of placement with my iPhone, nor do I have the issue of the brightness of the light, since it lives in my kitchen where my wife uses it daily. 🙂

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