Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum review

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Lydsto R1 3

REVIEW – Trying to keep a house clean and the dog hair under control with two dogs (one being a Siberian Husky) is an everyday battle.  While I vacuum at least twice a week and spot vacuum daily with our Holife Cordless Stick Vacuum, we were still looking for another option to keep on top of this constant shedding.  While we had an old model Roomba, we never used it because it would get stuck on everything and would fill up so quickly it was basically useless.  So, when the opportunity  to review the Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum, a robot vacuum that self empties and advertises it can cross obstacles, I decided I needed to give it a try.  Here is what I discovered.

What is it?

The Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum, available in black and white, is a self-emptying robot vacuum with both sweeping and mopping functions.

What’s in the box?

  • Sweeping and mopping robot
    • Main brush and main brush cover
    • Two-in-one water tank
    • Side brush
  • Dust collection charging unit
  • Mop cloth support
  • Mop cloth
  • Disposable mop clothes x30
  • Disposable dust bag x7
  • Cleaning knife
  • Instructions with a quick start guide

IMG 1816

Lydsto R1 2

Hardware Specs

  • Product dimensions robot: 349 x 100 x 353mm
  • Input of sweeping and mopping robot: 24V = 1.2A
  • Rated power of robot: 50W
  • Operating voltage of robot: 14.4V=
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery pack- 5200mAh
  • Product dimensions dust collection unit: 255 x 218 x 343mm
  • Rated power of dust collection bin: 1000W
  • Output of dust collection bin: 24V = 1.2A
  • Complete machine net weight: approx. 8.3kg

Design and Features

The Lydsto R1 is a sweeping and mopping robot that offers many ideal options and features.

When the robot is vacuuming, it is assisted by a brush (located in the picture in the upper left corner) that rotates during operation.  This guarantees that large as well as small pieces are sucked in and end up in the collection bin.  In the middle, you will see the removable roller brush for vacuuming and sucking unwanted floor junk into the robot.   At the bottom of the picture is the removable compartment/ tank for water in mopping mode and collecting dust/dirt.

Lydsto R1 5

The removable container, which is a combination of water tank and dust container, slide right off the robot unit. The dust container has a capacity of 200 ml, and should it be full, the R1 automatically returns to the station and vacuums out the dirt. For mopping, the water tank has room for 250 ml of water.  On the top of the tank, in addition to the opening that serves to refill the water (see the rubber piece that say “open” on the right of the container).  There is also the HEPA filter that filters the exhaust air and is removable and can be replaced as needed.  The robot does not come with any additional filters and at the time of writing this review I do not see where they can be purchased at this time, but the Amazon buying link Q&A mentions a batch of accessories will be on sale in their Amazon store in the next month.  It is noted in the instruction manual that the filter screen is consumable and is recommended to be replaced every 3-6 weeks.

Lydsto R1 4

When it comes to the mopping function, the robot recognizes that it is in mopping mode when you insert the mop holder under the removable container.  This action, just like all the other ones, is very simple and smooth to snap into place.  Once snapped on, the Lydsto R1 will announce that it is in mopping mode.  I would recommend that you do not leave water in the tank if not planning on using the mopping mode, because it can leak.  The instruction manual recommends using pure water without any cleaning agents.

Lydsto R1 6

The Lydsto R1 comes with both a reusable mop cloth as well as 30 disposable mop cloths.  The clothes slide into the side fixing slot (the right side of the picture) and then just sticks right onto the Velcro on the mop cloth support with ease.  To remove the mop cloth, tear off the Velcro to slide the mop cloth fixing strip out of the mop cloth fixing slot. The mop cloth support piece snaps right onto the bottom of the robot, to remove you will need to hold the two snaps on the support and pull it out horizontally.  I had no issues with the clothes staying in place during use or snapping the support on and off of the unit.

I prefer to use the reusable mop cloth for less waste on a typically mopping cycle, but I guess I appreciate the disposable option if the robot was tasked with cleaning a spill or something that I didn’t want to see or touch again.  When you need to replace or purchase additional reusable mop clothes, you can purchase them on Amazon.  The instruction manual recommends every 3-6 weeks to replace.  At the time of writing this review, I did not see where additional disposable mop clothes could be purchased, but they may perhaps be included when other accessories are supposed to become available for purchase in the next month.

Lydsto R1 7

It is important to note that the Lydsto R1 robot recognizes mopping mode by the attachment of the mop cloth support onto the robot.  When in mopping mode, you can also select water volume depending on the area to be cleaned and how much cleaning is needed.  There are three-levels of water output- small, medium and large.  The accompanying smartphone app (you can read all about this in a later section of this review) allows you to select the level at which you would like to run the clean-up.  You also don’t need to worry if there is insufficient water in the tank, because the robot will announce this fact, however, it will continue the cycle without water.  Although I personally do not see myself using the mopping function a whole lot, I do appreciate the option as a feature of the Lydsto R1!

Another feature that I appreciate is that the Lydsto R1 is equipped for carpeted floors as well as tile and hardwood.  The machine recognizes the change in flooring automatically and adjusts the suction power accordingly, as well as taking on obstacles with ease.  Because of its reliable sensors, obstacles with a height of up to 2 cm are no problem for this robot vacuum.  You do not have to worry about the robot vacuum falling downstairs either, which is a plus for households with stairs.  This was one of my biggest complaints of the old Roomba we owned in that it would get stuck on any slight change in flooring, not an issue with the Lydsto R1.

As I mentioned before, the other thing I did not like about our old Roomba was that it would fill up so fast with hair, dirt, and dust so fast that it was basically useless unless I stopped it every minute and emptied it.  The Lydsto R1 Robot is equipped with a docking station that only charges the unit, but also self empties it.  The docking station is powered normally from the wall socket, so you will have to have it located by an outlet.

The dust collection is completely enclosed and offers mess free emptying.  Your Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum comes with 7 disposable dust collection bags.  The bags slide right inside the bin and the hole remains open to collect all the gunk being removed from the vacuum and when removed you pull up the bad, the hole closes and you can toss and put in a new one without having to empty anything.

Lydsto R1 1

When the dust bag is full, a voice prompt and app notice is given, as well as the light on the dust collection turns orange.  Each dust bag is said to be able to collect up to 3 liters of gunk and I have yet to fill up one bag completely running it every other day for almost a month.  I did search and at the time of this review, I can not find where to purchase additional bags (again I must note that they say accessories are becoming available for purchase in the next month) once I have used all the ones included in the original shipment.
The vacuum when in use is very quiet compared to a traditional vacuum, however when the Lydsto R1 empties it is very loud.

Luckily, the noise is over after a few seconds and the vacuum robot is ready for work again.  Here is a video of the robot vacuum docking for charging and emptying after running a cycle.

As you may have noticed from the pictures shared already, hair does get wrapped around the rollers as it goes, just like all vacuums.  Lydsto recognizes this happens and made the roller easy to remove for cleaning, one of the features that I appreciate.  Once removed, you can easily pull off some of the hair/dust from the roller, but for the harder trapped dust and hair, the Lydsto R1 Robot comes with a handy tool that slides down the bristles of the roller to help remove that gunk as well.  If you need to replace the brushes for any reason, replacement parts are available on Amazon.  Please note: according to the instruction manual, both brushes are consumable.  The recommendation is to replace the side brush every 3-6 months and the main roller brush every 6-12 months.  You will need a screwdriver to remove the side brush.

Lydsto R1 11 Lydsto R1 10

The Amazon buying link mentions a two-year warranty service. If there is a problem with the product, you can contact customer service and they will “provide a satisfactory solution”.  I did not see anywhere to contact the company directly and the instruction manual and paperwork that came in the box did not mention any warranties or how to reach out about any problems with the Lydsto R1.  So if there is an issue with the unit, I’m not sure how much support is provided after purchase.

The App

The Lydsto app setup was mostly smooth, however, it did take me several attempts to get it to finally sync the robot to my phone.  The first thing that the Lydsto R1 will do is map your entire house.  I mapped the rooms that I would use the unit for.

IMG 4551

The Lydsto app offers a variety of useful functions and settings.

On the home page, the R1 can be started conveniently, even on the go- you can select a room, spot or area to clean. In addition, there is another menu on the home page under “Mode setting”, in which the behavior of the vacuum robot can be adjusted.  You can choose the suction power and water volume (if the mop is attached).

Lydsto R1 13

Also on the home page, you will find the “Map Editing” tool.  This will allow you to set up prohibited zones (no-go zones) in which vacuuming and/or mopping is not allowed or you can add virtual walls if there are areas in rooms with cords or things you would like to avoid.  You may also divide or merge rooms and rename each room if you wish.  Unfortunately, as you can see, the no-go zones can only be created on the map as rectangles and it has to be a pretty significant size, so if the area is small, you may have to avoid a large area than you really need.  In the Map Editing you will also find a way to customize each room for the amount of suction and water just like the “Mode setting”, but this can be saved to know that your bedroom needs stronger suction because it is thicker carpet or you always want a second cleaning in your kitchen.  A nice way to customize the cleaning schedule based on the need of each space in your home.

Lydsto R1 12


You will find a whole list of additional settings settings under the three line button in the top right corner of the home page in the app.  This is where you can use the robot with a remote if you wish, control the volume of the voice commands on the unit, and much more.

Lydsto R1 15

One last thing that I wanted to be sure to mention is that there is a “Consumables Maintenance” tab under the setting menu.  This is a helpful tool to keep track of those consumables I mentioned above (mop cloths, brushes, filter screens) and when you may want to think about ordering replacements.

Lydsto R1 14

Overall, I find the app to be very straightforward and easily navigable.

What I like

  • Self-emptying base
  • All the features and information provided with the app
  • Unit is fairly quiet when running
  • Seamlessly transitions from different flooring with ease
  • Automatically returns to dust collection station for charging when the battery is low, resumes where it left off if cleaning not complete.

What I’d change

  • The robot vac does not sit inside the dock, takes up a lot of floor space
  • Lower sound volume for dust collection
  • Customer support option included in app and in paperwork
  • Should include additional HEPA filters

Final thoughts

Overall, I found the Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum to be a perfect addition to our floor cleaning routine.  It is so simple to pull up my app, select my room(s) and let it do its thing.  I appreciate how quiet it is when in use compared to traditional vacuuming methods, even if the dust collection noise volume could be improved.  Although I personally do not see myself using the mopping function very often, I do like that it is an added bonus.  I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a quality, easy to use robot vacuum at a reasonable price point.

Price: $399.00 (currently offering a $100 coupon- making it $299.00)
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Lydsto.

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    1. Hello Adam, the Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum uses it’s own app- Lydsto App. It can be downloaded from both Apple and Google.

      1. Veronica Quintero

        R1 lidsto my robot doesn’t work because it keep on turn in off during the time it is working 5 to 10 minutes and then silence it turn off completely and the a put in home and it charging.

  2. Can the self emptying function be controlled or changed? I usually run my remote vacuum at 3:00am. The vacuum is not that loud and does not wake me up, but the self emptying feature sounds like a jet taking off. Can this function be delayed or changes to a more convenient time? This is the only thing that’s holding me back from upgrading.

    1. Hello Chris, one of the settings in the app is for dust emptying frequency. You can set it to never empty, empty after 1-3 sessions. There is also a button to “collect dust immediately”. For you, you could set it to never empty and then select to empty a more convenient time by clicking the “collect dust immediately” button before running it the next time.

  3. You mentioned that the instruction manual mentions nothing about support and the warranty. You also said that Lindsto provided you with the vacuum for this review. Can you check with whoever provided you with the robot vacuum, how a customer in North America gets support? Thanks

      1. Thank you for checking this out. Their website has no help/information on their product other than marketing material. They do not reply to the email listed. It seems that the company has no interest in supporting or warrantying their product.

        1. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my review I was unsure how much support you will get after the product purchase, it appears the answer is not much at all. Please keep us posted if you do indeed get any help or assistance going forward.

  4. Hello. I have a water problem. He tells me he has insufficient water in the tank, but the tank is full. I tried to put less and medium water, but nothing. At the first robot I thought the water pump was defective and I returned it. Now I have another robot and I have the same problem. Can you help me with any advice?

    1. I personally have not had any issues with the water tank or experienced issues in that mode. I do know you want to make sure the water is without any cleaning agents.

      The information we were given for product issues and questions:
      About support, customers can contact the Amazon/ebay/other online shopping platform seller directly.
      For more product problems, customers can contact the official site.

      Please keep us posted if get any additional feedback fixing this issue.

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  6. Hi, I’ve got a problem with my R1. It keeps notifying me with “the dust bag is full”. The problem is that it is completely empty and I’ve checked everything, from the correct installation of the bag to anything that might cuased blockage in the way of dust collector. But everything is fine. At the end of each cleaning session, the robot goes to its chrger and starts collecting the dust, but after 3-4 seconds it says the bag is full. I have no idea what is wrong with it. Can anyone help?

  7. Will it detect when the vacuum is full and go empty, or does it only empty after a cycle? I have to empty mine quiet a bit because of our dogs. Thanks.

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