Trip Report

This past week I attended the Fiil Audio’s U.S. product launch in New York City. Fiil was debuting their signature headphones; the Canviis and Canviis Pro on-ear headphones, the Iicon over-ear headphone, and the Carat in-ear headphone. The event was held at 1 Hotel near Central Park. Fiil set up a separate listening room where I got… Read More

This past weekend I attended PAX East 2017 in Boston at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. PAX is a gaming convention held at different venues and times throughout the country. PAX truly is a celebration of all things gaming and loads of fun. What is PAX? In 2004, the creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade decided… Read More

In celebration of Earth Day, Citizen put on a “Ride for Light” event in New York City, where participants rode spin bikes to help light up the Earth.  Each bike was connected to the central globe by pedal-powered light strings. The faster someone pedaled, the further up the string the light would travel until it… Read More

Earlier this week I was invited to an event at Citizen Watch’s Flagship store in New York’s Times Square. The event was an unveiling of Citizen’s newest timepieces, the Satellite Wave-World Time GPS and the Satellite Wave F900. Both watches use GPS to set the date and time. Citizen claims these are the most accurate… Read More

Earlier this month, Moleskine sent an invite over to the gadgeteer crew to check out a showroom event for their Moleskine 2015 collection, located at the NYU store in New York City.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event and check out their new line of bags, notebooks, and other accessories. They were… Read More

Every year since 2011, my boyfriend and I enjoy going to Maker Faire in Queens, NY.  Maker Faire is a large family friendly, creative, tech-influenced event that is held in multiple cities around the US and globally.  We love to see the inventions and projects from hobbyists, hackers, and students. This year, I thought I would post a… Read More

One of my dreams is to own an all-electric vehicle, but I’ve never actually driven one until my recent trip to attend Volkswagen’s Full-Line Press event in Middleburgh, VA.  I, along with two dozen other bloggers, were invited to attend this event and hear about VW’s plans and get a preview of several of their… Read More

Fellow gadgeteer and friend since college, Jackie Cheng and I recently went to The New York Times Travel Show here in New York City. We are both fans of traveling and see the sights, so we figured let’s check out the show and see what exhibits were on display.  We were also super excited to… Read More

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit.  It has yummy foods, interesting people, and some unique technologies that are different from the USA.  I was there for the past 3 weeks.  I was born there, and this trip was for both business and visiting relatives.  I thought I’d write up some of the highlights… Read More

Every year right after the holidays, it’s time for two trade shows that most gadgeteers look forward to either attending or reading about. These are The Consumer Electronics Show and Macworld. I’ve attended CES many times in the past, but this year I wanted to do something different… So, I decided to attend my very first Macworld in San Francisco, California. It’s about time, considering that I made the hop to OS X over two years ago.


My 750v is really getting on my nerves. If you remember (and read yesterday’s report…), I’ve been having a few issues with it this trip. Well this morning the alarm I had set to wake me at 7am didn’t go off. :o[ I thought Microsoft fixed the problem with alarms not firing. If I can’t count on a smartphone to help me keep the appointments that I set, then I really don’t want to be using that particular smartphone. So, I think I’ll be looking elsewhere soon. iPhone maybe? ;o) I need something sooner than 6 months out though.


Before we get into the report for the day, I wanted to answer a question about the gear I brought with me on the trip. I am a light packer. Probably too light. I almost always find myself wishing I had remembered to bring along X or Y.

No sooner has the wrapping paper from Santa’s presents to all good little gadgeteer boys and girls been shredded, that a new slew of goodies is unveiled for them to drool over. That’s right, it’s time for the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. I made the trip out to the mecca of all things gadgety and will be bringing you all the yummy details as the show unfolds.

Updated with Day 2
This year, Microsoft changed things up and decided to hold two Mobius events back to back. The first one was held in Thailand, and the second one here in the US. Typically, the events here in the US have always been held in Seattle, WA., near Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. But this year they opted for Boston, MA. Lucky for me, I was invited to the Boston event. This meant a short 2hr flight, instead of 4-5 hours to Seattle.

Julie’s comments are in Black, Judie’s are in Blue and italicized. Mobius 2005 was held at the Edgewater Inn in Seattle, Washington this year, and other than a jaunt to race go-karts at Champs on the second evening, we were predominantly on the 3rd floor of the hotel most of the time. The first night… Read More