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In celebration of Earth Day, Citizen put on a “Ride for Light” event in New York City, where participants rode spin bikes to help light up the Earth.  Each bike was connected to the central globe by pedal-powered light strings. The faster someone pedaled, the further up the string the light would travel until it… Read More

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It’s no great secret that even at the highest volume, the sound level on a phone is rather lacking.  A Bluetooth or wired speaker system is a necessity if you are using your phone to stream music at home.  The trade offs with those solutions though are the inconvenience of portability as well as having… Read More

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It appears as though the endless East-coast Winter may have finally given way to Spring. With the warmer weather, refrigerators will soon be packed with fresh fruit from local farmer’s markets, co-ops, and grocery stores.  However, even in the refrigerator, these fruits are prone to begin to spoil in just a few days.  In the… Read More

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With the average smartphone lifespan of two years, there’s a good possibility you have an old iPhone or two shoved in a drawer or a box in the closet.  Consider pulling them out and recycling them into a very snazzy retro-style clock.  Cdock will turn your iPhone 4 or 4S into a sleek tabletop clock… Read More

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Many guitar tuners have graced the pages of The Gadgeteer over the years, but the Roadie is possibly the new benchmark and the only one you’ll want in your gig bag.  It is a Kickstarter-funded creation that pairs a handheld auto tuner–the Roadie device itself– with a corresponding mobile app.  With the app you can… Read More

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One of the biggest regrets I have is that I didn’t learn how to code when I was a kid. I’m a bit envious of those that can soon get a Bitsbox, a monthly subscription box teaching kids how to write programs through simple, fun games and activities.  It’s currently up on Kickstarter for funding, but the… Read More

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In a carnival world where just about everything from chicken to butter can be eaten “on a stick”, it was only a matter of time before the fad made its way to your kitchen.  Now I’m not particularly talented at making eggs either, although rarely have I faced the issues plaguing these poor people.  However, who… Read More

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About a year and a half ago I reviewed a set of Balls of Steel, a drink cooler with a snappy name and ties to testicular cancer research; fifteen percent of their net profits are donated towards the cause.  They recently reached out again to ask if I’d like to review their version 2.0–Balls of… Read More

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Chances are pretty good that you have at least one universal charger already.  One was probably even given to you as a gift over the holidays from a relative who thought it sounded “techie.” I may be just a little bitter because I find one in my stocking every year from my mother, and they… Read More

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I’m actually happy Harry Potter hasn’t officially been made into a Monopoly game, as it deserves quite a few more bells and whistles than the standard ‘opoly treatment.  Lack of an official product has given fans an opportunity to fill that void with extremely creative iterations.  I’ve seen impressive printable files on Pinterest over the years… Read More

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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) kicked off this week and with it will come the “big” announcements from each of the three (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) major video game players.  From the Sony press conference was the announcement of the Sony Playstation TV, which had been released in Japan last year, coming to North America this fall… Read More

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Perhaps one of the most important beauty/maintenance regimens you can do is taking care of the skin on your face.  Everyone is prone to the occasional breakout due to clogged pores or bacteria buildup.  The Luna Mini is a skincare device that utilizes “sonic pulsations” to break up the bacteria, oil, and makeup that cause breakouts… Read More

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By now we all know that sitting at a desk all day is disastrous for our health.  It’s no longer uncommon to see a stability ball tucked underneath a co-worker’s desk in place of a traditional chair.  Having attempted ball-as-chair at home, my biggest complaint was that the moment I got up, the ball rolls… Read More

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If your computer looks anything like mine, there are about 3-4 random charging cables dangling out of the back of it, corresponding to phones, tablets, e-readers, etc.  At the end of the day it’s the same annoyance of swatting through each cable to try to find the one I need.  My desk at the moment… Read More

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What better way to encourage brushing in kids (and some adults) than by gamifying the twice a day chore?  A team of inventors is seeking crowd funding to make the Grush (Gaming-toothbRUSH) into a reality.  The toothbrush itself doubles as a motion sensing controller which pairs with a smartphone running one of the brushing games.  Games are geared… Read More

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