Empty your Gringotts account for this game

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I’m actually happy Harry Potter hasn’t officially been made into a Monopoly game, as it deserves quite a few more bells and whistles than the standard ‘opoly treatment.  Lack of an official product has given fans an opportunity to fill that void with extremely creative iterations.  I’ve seen impressive printable files on Pinterest over the years, but never an actual physical incarnation.  Leave it to an Etsy craftsman to not only create the physical game, but create the version of the game you’ve always imagined.

The game set, called Wizard’s Monopoly, takes a month for the artisan to construct by hand.  It includes custom board, tokens, paper money and coins, cards, wizard props, and a trunk to house the set in.  The price for such beautiful custom work is a hefty $1000, but for a Potter fan, it looks to be well worth all those Galleons.  For those of us with just a few Sickles to our name, printable files of the money, cards, and board can be purchased for $30 as a DIY project.  Wizard’s Monopoly (and the printables) can be purchased through the CustomLumos Etsy shop.

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