Rack up some XPs by brushing


What better way to encourage brushing in kids (and some adults) than by gamifying the twice a day chore?  A team of inventors is seeking crowd funding to make the Grush (Gaming-toothbRUSH) into a reality.  The toothbrush itself doubles as a motion sensing controller which pairs with a smartphone running one of the brushing games.  Games are geared towards age range and gender (hmmm…).  Parents are able to use a dashboard app to monitor each kid’s brushing time and performance, and then is also able to send that information back to the dentist for review.

Grush is seeking funding through May 18th via Indiegogo.  A pledge of $49 will reserve you a toothbrush, two replacement heads, two games, and an unlimited subscription to the Grush Cloud if funding is successful.

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