How many of you wake to sounds from your smartphone, charging on or near your bed? How many of you still have a clock in your bedroom for timekeeping (not for decoration)? These two questions will determine your interest in the latest gadget to cross my review desk: the Sandman Alarm Clock. Note: Photos may… Read More

This projection alarm clock is pretty cool. It has a lot of features most radio alarm clocks have, and a few that are not so common. My favorite function on this clock, of course, is the ability to project the time onto the ceiling. I love this because I always sleep on my back, and… Read More

We’ve shown you several Nixie tube clocks, chess sets, and thermometers over the years, but they all were steampunk in style.  Many of them were also kits that you needed to assemble yourself.  ThinkGeek has two Nixie tube clocks from Nuvitron that don’t require assembly, and they aren’t steampunk.  Both clocks use new old-stock tubes… Read More

Most of us aren’t independently wealthy and are forced to wake up and go to work every morning. Whether you like your job or not, there are few sounds on Earth worse than an alarm clock’s beeping. Witti hopes to make your morning a little less dreadful with the Beddi intelligent alarm clock. Design The… Read More

The words digital and sundial don’t usually go together, but a French maker has changed that with a cool 3D printed sundial that “displays” the time like a digital watch. The way sundials traditionally work is that they cast a shadow from the sun across a dial with numbers. You have to read the number… Read More

Getting out of bed in the morning isn’t easy for most people, especially if it’s a work day. Finding the right tools to help you wake up can mean the difference between a good morning and a grumpy one. The Retro Alarm Clock Radio from Electrohome is a small alarm clock that combines a cute… Read More

Are you in need of a good multi-function alarm clock that can also help you keep your gear charged as well.  Check out the HomTime C1 Pro Bluetooth Alarm Clock Speaker with Dual USB Charger.  Heck, you can even customize your alarm to play whatever you want using the included micro USB card.  The HomTime… Read More

The clock called Ferrolic by Dutch designer Zelf Koelman is like a lava lamp clock that does not emit light. The magnetic fluid (a black fluid with magnetic particles suspended in it) within an aluminum casing is attracted to the clock’s electromagnets to form the numbers. The best part is that it comes with software that is… Read More

The Native Union DOCK for the Apple Watch is a specially designed charging dock that will take advantage of a new feature in the new watchOS 2 software update for the Apple Watch that allows for horizontal display rotation. The DOCK will automatically transform your watch into a bedside alarm clock using the new nightstand… Read More

The Electrohome Retro Clock Radio is styled after the alarm clocks that our grandparents kept on their nightstands. Remember the actual bells on top that rang when the alarm went off? The Electrohome Retro Clock Radio may look like those clocks of yesteryear, but that’s where the comparison ends. This clock has a digital display… Read More

We remodeled our basement living room about 5 years ago and continue to decorate it with framed pictures and other items. One thing Jeanne and I could not find was the perfect clock. She wanted something unique and I wanted something more traditional and easy to see. Since we couldn’t agree on one, we’ve settled… Read More

Looking for a compact alarm clock for your bedside table?  The small clock in the above image is what you’re looking for and more.  In additon to being an alarm clock, the Homtime C1pro also acts as a charging hub for your mobile devices.  It has a 1A and a 2.1A port for charging phones… Read More

There are few things worse than the shrill, sleep interrupting sound of your morning alarm. What if instead of being abruptly awoken by that awful sound, you could be gently stirred from sleep by an intoxicating aroma? The team behind the SensorWake wants waking to be the best part of your day by starting it… Read More

With the average smartphone lifespan of two years, there’s a good possibility you have an old iPhone or two shoved in a drawer or a box in the closet.  Consider pulling them out and recycling them into a very snazzy retro-style clock.  Cdock will turn your iPhone 4 or 4S into a sleek tabletop clock… Read More

This clock is designed to look like three planets orbiting a sun in a tiny solar system; it reminds me of the Emerald Observatory app for iPad that I wrote about years ago.  The clock face is rubberized, so it won’t scuff as the planets move around to show the time.  The planets look like… Read More