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Inateck WP1003 Wireless Presenter review

This review is for the Inateck WP1003 2.4G Wireless Presenter and Red Laser Pointer.  If you give presentations in either PowerPoint or Keynote you need a remote, or presenter, to advance through your presentation.  A presenter that doubles as a laser pointer would be even more ideal.  This device from Inateck functions as both. 

Creative Labs Sound BlasterX H5 Pro-Gaming headphones review

Here you see the latest headphones from Creative Labs, the Sound Blaster X H5 Pro-Gaming headphones. The headphones were recently released at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany. As with music the quality of the gaming experience depends a great deal on the quality of the headphones you use.  These head phones don’t disappoint and will give …

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MPOW Armor Bluetooth 4.0 speaker review

MPOW has recently come out with a new Bluetooth 4.0 speaker which I really like.  I have quite a few portable speakers in my collection but this one is now my favorite.  Like all of my speakers you can plug it into your phone or iPod via the headphone jack.  Nothing new or special there.  …

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Bodykit BodyBag Review

Some folks are “shoe” folks, some ladies are “purse” folks and many people who read this site are “bag folks”.  They love bags to carry gadgets in!  A company out of the UK called Bodykit is bringing some pretty unusual designs to the market.  Don’t think camping and back-packing with these.  These are considered “urban” …

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VioVio Photo Books Review

Several of the ladies on my staff go every year to some cottage somewhere do go “scrap-booking”. I see stores come and go selling scrap-booking stuff, whatever that is.  Personally, I think they really go to sit around and drink wine more than scrapbook (not that there is anything wrong with that….)!  If you want …

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Super Video on Canon DSLRs With Magic Lantern

For quite some time now I have been a “Canon Guy”.  I think many serious amateur photographers fall into one of two camps, “Canon folks” or” Nikon folks”.  Cameras are one thing I’m afraid to venture away from my comfort zone. If I got anything but a Canon and didn’t like it as much, I’d …

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VirusTotal – Free URL and File Checker

All of us techies know that by the time we open our new computer, or for that matter, just about any other tech device, it is close to being obsolete.  If this is, for the most part, true of tech gadgets, it is especially true of software, security software in particular.  By the time you …

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Technocel Battery Boost Portable Battery Pack with MicroSD Card Reader Review

Know someone with a cell phone??  You do??  So do I! (I wonder if its the same person…;) Here is a great little trinket for them; the Technocel Battery Boost! This cool little device would be welcomed for any of your phone toting friends that have a phone with the very common Micro-USB connection for …

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When In Rome……!

Now this is cool.  I’ve been to Italy several times and the ingenuity of the ancients is truly remarkable.  Colosseums, aqueducts, and now this.  I dental colleague of mine had a post on his dental blog about this awesome gadget, yes, GADGET, found in the Mediterranean area, dating from the Middle Roman period, that’s 200-300AD! …

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Smartfish ErgoMotion Laser Mouse Review

I used to never give much thought to the mouse I was using, until one of my co-workers bought one for one of our computers.  The thing just didn’t fit comfortably in my hand at all and I even avoided that computer if possible because of the uncomfortable mouse. On the other hand, the Smartfish …

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