Photo printing Lifeprint is a small printer that is similar to the Polaroid ZIP printer that I reviewed last year. It uses Bluetooth to pair to your smartphone and the same type of ZINK thermal photo paper like the Polaroid ZIP printer. But that’s where the similarities end because the Lifeprint instant photo printer can print… Read More

When we want something, we want it now. The new Polaroid Snap Instant Camera can provide instant gratification by printing your pictures right after you take them. This pocket-sized 10MP camera is basically the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter that I reviewed a couple months ago with a built-in camera. The Snap camera features a f2.8… Read More

I take more pictures with my smartphone than I make calls with it. I rarely take a stand alone camera with me on vacations, parties or family events. The majority of the pictures I take stay on my phone and don’t get shared with friends or family. Sure, I can go home and print the… Read More

Almost five years ago I reviewed a wrapped canvas print from CanvasPop. That review inspired several others resulting in a lot of original framed images on my walls. Recently the people at CanvasPop contacted me to ask if I might like to do a new review. At first I didn’t see the point but then… Read More

Sure, digital photos are great, but sometimes it’s nice to have an actual paper print of that image.  Photo prints are a great way to decorate your workspace, and instant printouts make a great party favor.  With the Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer, you’ll be ready to print out a photo at any moment.  The INSTAX… Read More

Instagram has become quite a phenomenon in the past few years, with millions of photos being posted to it every day.  Its users range from from serious, professional photographers with expensive and complicated DSLR cameras to casual, out-and-about snappers with smartphones always at the ready.  Although acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has thus far remained… Read More

“If a picture speaks a thousand words… Aluminyze leaves you speechless!” announced the Aluminyze website.  It is precisely what you think:  your photos are printed on a sheet of aluminum.  Huh?  Why?  Aluminyze says that their aluminum prints are durable, beautiful, and make great gifts.  I had a corner of my office that needed some… Read More

A lot of families like to give photos of their children to the grandparents as holiday gifts, and Aluminyze  has a unique photo product that is the perfect gift.  Instead of paper, Aluminyze infuses your images on a thin, solid sheet of aluminum.  Vibrant colors make your photo come alive, and the aluminum means your… Read More

A Mixbook collects your photos and lets you share them with others.

Mixtapes (or mixCDs, if you’re of the younger generation that didn’t have to use tape), those custom-designed soundtracks of your life from high school and before, were ubiquitous. If you liked someone, or wanted to celebrate a special memory or event, you’d make a mixtape to play in the background. We still do similar things… Read More

RocketLife online printing service allows you to create photobooks, mugs, calendars, mousepads, cards, and a variety of other prints and keepsake photo gifts.  I was happy to give their service a try when they offered The Gadgeteer the opportunity to customize one of their photo mugs.  Read on to learn how my mug turned out and… Read More

Several of the ladies on my staff go every year to some cottage somewhere do go “scrap-booking”. I see stores come and go selling scrap-booking stuff, whatever that is.  Personally, I think they really go to sit around and drink wine more than scrapbook (not that there is anything wrong with that….)!  If you want… Read More

Julie knows that I have an interest in scrapbooking and making photo books. In the past, she’s offered me the opportunity to review a few different photo book products. When Inkubook contacted her with an offer to try out their product, she thought of me. I was happy to give them a closer look. Many… Read More

  Lulu is a publishing house headquartered in Raleigh, NC.  They provide a variety of services to authors to help them design, publish, market, and distribute their work.  They produce hardcover or paperback books, ebooks, cookbooks, photo books, calendars, even CDs and DVDs.  You can create a book for just yourself, or you can buy… Read More

I’ve always loved taking photos, but I’m not so good with keeping my photos arranged to make it easy to enjoy looking at them.  A few years ago, I tried scrapbooking, but that’s a very expensive hobby.  A single book could end up costing hundreds when you factor in cost of printing the pictures, buying… Read More

A few years ago, making scrapbooks from photos seemed to be a national obsession.  Women especially seemed to spend hours (and untold dollars) preserving photos and family memories while exercising their artistic abilities.  I made a few scrapbooks in my day, and they are big, heavy, and hard to store.  Picaboo is an online service… Read More