Tougher Glass in Your Gadgets

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My word, the money we spend to protect our gadgets.  I think we all shiver at the thought of the glass on our beloved gadgets breaking or being scratched….thus the money spent at Otterbox and other fine companies for all these “gadget-condoms”.  A huge Japanese glass maker called Asahi has come up with a new glass called Dragontail Glass which the company says is very strong and has been tested against damage from hammers, key scraatches and dropping.  Stronger (and thinner) glass would allow for thinner ‘gadgets’ , even if it means we can just use them as they come out of the box, without the gadget cond…..well… get it.

This glass will be competing with a glass from Corning called Gorilla Glass.  Asahi Glass folks predict a 30% share in the consumer electronics market in one year!!  Watch for it.   Perhaps we will no longer need to worry about having our gadgets in the same pocket as our keys!!

Here is a link to an NPR story about the product:

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  2. I dropped a phone made with Gorilla Glass. Sure, the glass didn’t break…but the power button on my phone stopped working. Look at most phones and even if the screens were made out of transparent titanium, the bezels are cheap plastic and they scratch, crack and things still get mechanically shocked and stop working.

    The iPhone is built like a tank: metal frame sandwiched between two plates of super glass. This is the way to go. Versus cheap plastic frames, bezels and buttons.

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