TAC Drive Review

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The TAC Drive is one serious thumb drive.  Thumb drive just doesn’t cut it, so the company calls this thing a Digital Doc Tag!! It even comes with standard army issue  steel chain to fling it around your neck if you like!

Good thing this thing is so tough.  The USPS absolutely mangled the envelope it was sent it; almost as if to say “See, this bad boy is tough!”


This device has two functions: one is as your typical thumb drive, available in different memory sizes; the other is a personal medical record for the owner.  The TAC drive connects to “TAC Online”, an https link where you register the device and enter your desired email address/password combination. You may then enter pertinent medical information on the website which will then sync to your drive.  Information you can enter includes emergency contacts, medications, allergies, physicians, and medical conditions and sync it to your device.


Online sign in page


Personal online user interface


While the drive is pretty intuitive, it does come with a user guide built in that explains all the features.  I don’t understand the descriptions of encryption at all, maybe the descriptions are encrypted; but the drive does offer 256 bit military grade encryption. The drives come in 1, 2, 4 and 8 gig sizes.

Like true dogtags, the drive even comes with steel chains- one short for the keychain and one long for around your neck  if you like!  (One of the pictures on their website shows a sturdy ring holding the drive onto a keychain.  I did not receive one of these with mine, but would prefer one to the chain for attachment to a keyring.)


Adding to the drive is as simple as dragging and dropping.  When you add something to the drive a window comes up asking if you want to encrypt the file, photo or whatever you are adding.  Pretty simple operation.

Like to web surf while you wind surf?  Well, this baby is water resistant for up to 60 minutes.  Heat and shock resistant too.  The 1 gig model shown costs a measly $20; well worth it!


Product Information

Manufacturer:TAC Health
  • Relatively cheap
  • Ease of use
  • (advertised) Durability
  • None

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6 thoughts on “TAC Drive Review”

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  2. Would most physicians or even ER folks even recognize what this is or attempt to plug it in?

    Other than that it seems pretty cool.

    1. My ambulance and doctors’ office would NOT plug anything into their networks.
      Also, I had hope if I were unconscious they would even know what to do it. Thats important because I have seizures.

  3. Kenton A. Hoover

    Have one. I keep it filled with medical records. Unfortunately, the flash drive unit is corroding due to the sweat and oils in my skin (I’ve had it about a year-and-a-half now). Also, the engraving on the aluminum surface is fading for the same reason. Can’t recommend it unless it’s only worn occasionally.

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