Homtime C1 Pro Bluetooth Alarm Clock review

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Are you in need of a good multi-function alarm clock that can also help you keep your gear charged as well.  Check out the HomTime C1 Pro Bluetooth Alarm Clock Speaker with Dual USB Charger.  Heck, you can even customize your alarm to play whatever you want using the included micro USB card. 

The HomTime C1 won me over when I first opened it and saw the size of the large multi-function rotary dial that functions to help set the time and alarm, but also functions as the “snooze” button.  The snooze button on my iPhone is miniscule and when I use it for my alarm clock, it also runs down the battery.  This clock has solved both those issues with its saucer sized snooze target, as well as dual charging ports on the front of the alarm that allow charging of any of your USB devices while you snooze.


The clock is easy to set with the large rotary dial, as is the alarm, with optional 12/24 hour settings for both. A short quick half-awake whack on the dial sets the snooze for 9 minutes.  A 3 second hold of the dial turns off the alarm.  The screen has multiple brightness levels for those who want the numbers bright and easy to read, or dim.  I found the numbers easy to read even without my glasses on thanks to over 3 inch numbers; much easier than my iPhone which has been my alarm for the past few years!

The clock also has a decent speaker which easily connects to your cell phone or other device via Bluetooth. I have used mine with my Spotify on my phone to help me fall asleep, all while the phone charges via USB.


Three AAA batteries insure that the unit will function even if power is lost, which is not uncommon where I live.  For couples who fight over the temperature in the bedroom, there is even a thermometer built in to tell you the current temperature, in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

HomtimeC1Pro-4.jpgThe back of the unit includes a lock for the dial, a button to change from 12 hour time to 24 hour time as well as the blue-tooth button, micro sd card slot, the volume control and the sizable speaker.

The alarm can satisfy those of you who are easy to wake up with a soft alarm to start, which gradually gets louder and louder for those of you who sleep like a rock!  If you don’t like Canon in D to wake up to, you can even use the included micro SD card to add your own alarms or music to wake up to!

All in all, this little unit packs a lot into a little package and will definitely be replacing my iPhone as my main alarm from now on.  The Homtime C1 Pro alarm clock is fairly priced at $48.  All in all it is a winner!

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Homtime.  For more information visit their site and Amazon to order one.


Product Information

  • Duel charging ports for your gear. Large easy to read display
  • Decent speaker for your music.
  • The alarm is customizable; you can add the alarm of your choice
  • Has thermometer in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Speaker can attach to your music source via bluetooth
  • None

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  2. Fine until alarm goes off, then get continuous ‘warbling’ sound. Stop it by turning clock off but then have to reset time and alarm.

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