Bodykit BodyBag Review

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Some folks are “shoe” folks, some ladies are “purse” folks and many people who read this site are “bag folks”.  They love bags to carry gadgets in!  A company out of the UK called Bodykit is bringing some pretty unusual designs to the market.  Don’t think camping and back-packing with these.  These are considered “urban” bags for today’s urban explorers.

These bags are not like many of the other bags I have seen.  There really are just large compartments in the bag, but no smaller compartments within the bag for keeping your stuff sorted.  Everything fits together in whichever pocket you put it in, which I found a bit annoying as I tried to look for smaller specific things I had in the bag, such as headphones.

thumbnail BAG back RED4
The back of the BodyBag- in red

There are six different bags in the BodyKit line.  Each are configured to wear two different ways, so there certainly is some flexibility in the line.  The bags are very well made of woven nylon with polyurethane weatherproofing and have smooth gliding heavy-duty zippers.

The laptop compartment in the bag I received is fairly well padded.  I used the bag for a week as my usual briefcase for work.  I think the bag would be ideal if you mainly carry your laptop and letter or legal size documents and/or folders, but I carry such a variety of things that as I mentioned the pockets ended up looking like the ‘rumpus drawer’ many of us have in our house; the one that ends up holding everything from old house-keys to the ticket stub from one of the Star Wars movies…  Also, I prefer to hold my files in a ‘landscape’ position so I can read the file names more easily.

small body bag2

On the plus side, the bag is made well, very sturdy and well padded. Like I mentioned, I used the bag for a week as a main briefcase and there was plenty of room for laptop, folders, accessories etc.  They were all just bunched up though.  The bag acted kind of like a blender, thoroughly mixing up my stuff.


In the picture you see a large zipper that goes around the entire bag.  This allows you to expand the size of the main compartment.   This bag contains two large compartments that run the length of the bag. One of them does have several separators in the pocket that would allow for separation of full size papers, magazines, catalogs or the like. You can see the separate zipper for one of the full length pockets at the top of the bag in this view.

IMG 3742

The two zippers below this are smaller single pockets.

IMG 3745

The several ways the bag can be worn; and the inside of the largest pocket in the photo below.

IMG 3746croppeed

IMG 3747

The inside of one of the smaller pockets is shown here.

If you are a “bag person” so to say, I would encourage you to check out the line Bodykit offers.  The bags certainly are  unique.  If one of them  would fit your needs, I’m sure you would be quite happy with the quality of the materials and construction, and you definitely won’t see everyone in town toting one, so you will likely get some looks.


Product Information

Price:£80.00 ($132.50)
  • Well built; solid zippers; can configure to wear two different ways; stain resistant material; nice pocket for laptops; would accommodate a large laptop
  • Large pockets allow items to get mixed up; some users would probably want a better variety of pockets

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