Want a Nixie tube clock but don’t like steampunk? No problem!


We’ve shown you several Nixie tube clocks, chess sets, and thermometers over the years, but they all were steampunk in style.  Many of them were also kits that you needed to assemble yourself.  ThinkGeek has two Nixie tube clocks from Nuvitron that don’t require assembly, and they aren’t steampunk.  Both clocks use new old-stock tubes rated for 10,000 hours of use.  Both have four modes:  12-hour time, 24-hour time, and ambient temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Both clocks are handmade from wood, and both have replaceable Nixie tubes, should one burn out, if you have the soldering skill.  The Art Deco-inspired Vintage Nixie Tube Clock is available for $224.99;  the Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock is $299.99. Both come with a power supply and are available now from ThinkGeek.

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