Let the planets show you the time

orbit-clock-1This clock is designed to look like three planets orbiting a sun in a tiny solar system; it reminds me of the Emerald Observatory app for iPad that I wrote about years ago.  The clock face is rubberized, so it won’t scuff as the planets move around to show the time.  The planets look like they are floating in the blackness of space as they are moved around the “sun” by motorized mechanisms.  There’s even a tiny planet that shows the seconds.  You can mount the 8″ diameter clock on the wall or set it on your desk.  You’ll need to supply your own AA battery.

The cheapest price I’ve found for the Planet Orbit Clock in the USA is at Walmart.  They call it the Princess International Inc. ST-GX Suspension Time Clock – Galaxy and sell it for $20.00.

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